At 9:00p.m. last Sunday night the Shenandoah Police Department executed both an arrest and search warrant on Joseph Charles Lynch at his home at 1298 Hope Road, Conroe, Texas which is on the northern side of Shenandoah.

This in connection with the December 30th Aggravated Assault on Shenandoah Sgt. Raymond Shaw when as Shaw attempted to stop the suspect on the the four-wheeler he was riding.

Lynch seeing he was blocked in turned around and ran over Shaw breaking his leg. The suspect with a female companion then flipped the four-wheeler. Even seeing the injured officer down the suspect righted the four-wheeler and sped off.

A man hunt continued until dawn for the suspect. Several leads came in over the next few days and several businesses even captured the four-wheeler on or near their property.

As Shaw recuperates from his injuries at home Lynch has been booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a $160,000 bond.

Shenandoah Police would like to extend the appreciation for the citizens, wrecker drivers, and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies who assisted in his search, locating and apprehension.

There has been no comment at this time from officials on the female rider.

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