Shenandoah Police: Self-Defense & Awareness Training for Retailers

By Lt. Bryan Carlisle

As part of a continued proactive relationship between local business managers and the Shenandoah Police Department, Detective Sergeant Mark Denham recently conducted a self defense and awareness course for local retailers. Although scheduled at the end of 2009, the training comes on the heels of a recent carjacking in the parking lot of the shopping center.

The training was hosted at the Portofino Business Center on January 27, 2010 and included retailers from many of the Portofino shops. The hour-long course covered the necessity of being aware of your surroundings and hands-on practice of low-impact, quick reaction techniques designed to rapidly escape an attacker’s advances.

Additional self defense and awareness courses will be conducted at the Portofino Business Center as part of monthly training sessions concerning a variety of public safety topics provided by the Shenandoah Police Department to local business partners.

Any city business wishing to attend this training may contact Shenandoah Police Lieutenant Bryan Carlisle at 832-928-9077.

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