On June 4, 2018 an anonymous tipster informed a Detective with the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office about an employee who had committed numerous crimes while employed with the Humble Police Department.

Michael L. Flynt was hired in January 2017 after retiring from the Humble Police Department. He completed the application/personal history statement required for all applicants by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE). In that government document, Flynt stated “no” to issues concerning his former employment with Humble Police. Sheriff Capers hired Flynt, who was by all means possible at the time, showed to be a more than acceptable candidate for employment. Flynt was brought on board to handle the Patrol Tactical Unit as a Lieutenant, a position similar to his assignment with Humble Police Department.

Upon learning the allegations from the tipster, Sheriff Capers ordered his Detective Division to reopen the background investigation on Flynt. The Detectives soon learned why the criminal issues were absent during the background investigation. Allegedly, the former city manager had illegally “sealed” any references to Flynt’s background, even going as far as to threaten any employee from discussing the issues. Being that the background investigation is a cornerstone to law enforcement to insure only persons of the highest caliber are accepted into the field, the omission by the City of Humble seriously jeopardized the integrity of the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, and duly negated an important part of Sheriff Capers ability to protect the citizens of the county.

Detectives sought and received a search warrant from the 258th District Court for all the records concerning Flynt at the City of Humble. Upon serving the warrant at the Humble City Hall, the current City Manager cooperated with the detectives and the warrant. Upon review of the documents, it was learned that Flynt was involved as the subject of several criminal investigations. Some involving stalking of a female Humble employee who he a relationship with. Another incident was where he used a city tax exempt certificate to rent a room at La Quinta Hotel in Kingwood for a meet between a female Humble employee and himself. While with Humble Police but on Special Assignment with Harris County Sheriff’s Department it was learned that he ran several background checks on his mistresses husband to form a history of him being checked by police agencies. Flynt was forced to retire versus being indicted, and that Flynt did lie on his application/personal history statement when seeking employment with San Jacinto County.

Detectives presented this information to the 411th District Judge Kaycee Jones and warrants for the arrest of Michael Flynt were issued. Charges include 4-State Jail Felonies and 1-Misdemeanor, all dealing with the falsifying of the State Mandated Personal History Statement.

Flynt was terminated from employment with the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office early on the morning of June 20, 2018. Thursday morning, Flynt surrendered to the Liberty County Jail on the San Jacinto County charges.
The investigation is continuing into other allegations of his actions while in his position held with San Jacinto County.

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  1. bbarr

    That is a great question….let’s hope that the “good ol’ boy system” and “political CYA” doesn’t squash the answer

  2. Thigpen

    Before everyone gets too excited…remember it the San Jacinto County Sheriff Dept. claiming all this on Mr. Flynt. You can apply the 1% rule to anything they say. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

    1. Thigpen

      All of this over what they think was a lie on an application?? Flynt must have really stepped on some toes around there. What happened to just firing someone for this. Felony charges??? Really???

    2. CzechThisOut

      On the surface, “lying on a job application” doesn’t seem like a big deal. But he’s a peace officer, sworn to uphold the law. Not break it by stalking his mistress, misappropriating city funds, abusing his power to run background checks on his mistresses’ husband and Lord knows what else.

      This is the story of a Sheriff, in search of the truth, having to obtain and serve a SEARCH WARRANT on the City of Humble – because it’s so corrupt!

      This is deeply troubling, because it begs to question…If the city of Humble covered up criminal activity, instead of holding him accountable – WHAT ELSE HAVE THEY COVERED UP? Who else was involved?

      Were his crimes ever presented to the Harris County DA? If so, and the DA refused to prosecute, then this screams prosecutorial misconduct!

      This isn’t one guy stepping on toes. THIS IS WIDESPREAD, OVERT, OBSCENE CORRUPTION.

  3. mom

    Will charges be filed against the former Humble City Manager for sealing those records? What could have been his motivation for not sharing that information with another law enforcement agency?

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