Sheriff grateful to NRA

From the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Tommy Gage is pleased to announce that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has been awarded grant funds from The Friends of the NRA, The NRA Foundation for $5100.

The award will be used to purchase specialty communications equipment for the Special Weapons and Tactics Team, which is part of the Special Operations Group within the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Improved radio communications between team members will enhance safety for deputies and civilians alike.

The Special Operations Group contains members assigned to SWAT, Crisis Negotiations, Command, Investigations, and Patrol. The team handles incidents that pose a threat to the welfare or the community and the safety of its citizens. The need of a crisis team to manage with barricaded or hostage situations, or high risk warrant services, require well trained participants and up-to-date communications to enhance deputy and citizen safety.

Sheriff Gage is pleased to accept the grant award and believes that the funds will benefit not only law enforcement officers in Montgomery County but the entire community as well.

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