sheriff’s office gets their man

Late Thursday evening the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a female who stated that someone was trying to break into her home on Ranch Lake Drive in the Sendera Ranch Subdivision. Multiple units responded to the scene.

When the first units arrived they learned the male had already fled with some items from the home. The female was not injured. Immediately a perimeter was set up and a search started using deputies, a  DPS helicopter and a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit.

Many residents were met by officers checking vehicles and verifying several residents actually did live in the area.

Close to midnight the K-9 picked up a good scent and led deputies to the suspect who was attempting to make his way back to his  car which was parked some distance away.

He was taken into custody, After being treated for a gash on his arm which he received when he broke into the home , he was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

The Sheriff’s Office is continuing the investigation.

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  1. LocalDrifter

    If you’re gonna bring out the blood hounds… homeowners, give them some blood to track! Shoot through the door or wall or window. Just shoot ’till ya can’t shoot no more or the wigglin’ stops. If you don’t then the clown’s gonna eventually make it my direction. We need more “the criminal was DRT” (dead right there) stories reported here.

  2. LazyCop

    Excellent work law enforcement…hats off for catching this suspect….HPD would have never reacted so fast with good results as you guys did. Good coordination as well with DPS using their chopper. I am very impressed. Now let’s just hope some bleeding heart judge does not just slap this slime on the wrist…IF FOUND GUILY…right ? I sure hopes the woman gets an assault rifle to better protect her family and property. thanks MCPR for again giving us the full story and not some tidbit news with no value. Great job.

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