Just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday night Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a reported shooting in the 15000 block of Crighton Road. When they arrived on the scene they found a 45-year-old male shot in the stomach area. Another white male described to be about 5’ 9 inches tall wearing a white t-shirt was seen by neighbors running into the woods south of Crighton Road.

Montgomery County Hospital District medics and Central Montgomery County Fire Department responded to the scene and the victim was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in critical condition.

According to Montgomery County Detective John Schmidt  the victim shot was stealing copper and caught by the property owner. The two had entered through an adjacent property and hid their 80’s model pickup in the high weeds. The property owner, seeing an object in the victims had thought it to be a weapon and ordered them both to the ground. Both failed to comply and feeling threatened the land owner fired three times hitting the victim at least once.

Deputies converged on the area to search for the second suspect. Montgomery County Precinct 2 responded with a K-9as did Baytown Police with a Bloodhound. The suspect was not located.

Montgomery County Detectives were assisted by the Texas Rangers. The scene was cleared just before midnight.

Conditions in the woods are extreme with mud, deep water and mosquitos.

If anyone spots someone matching this description in the FM 1314 area contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.




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  2. critter1957

    MISTER BOB,,,,why do you seem to want to try to start it back up again. Everyone read your opinion so why not let it go. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but not everyone has to agree with them. I don’t agree with what you just said about the ones running this site but you are expressing your opinion and I respect that,,,,,,WHY DON’T YOU PLEASE TRY AND DO THE SAME

  3. Jamie Nash

    Your posts were deleted because this comment area is not for personal attacks or profanity. If you want to argue with someone, get their contact information and take it elsewhere. Nice to know you thought you were “hilarious.”

  4. critter1957

    Scott, could you please see about updating this, the man that got shot lives close to me and I need to know if the other one is still on the run. Need to know whether to keep an extra close watch around the neigborhood

  5. timebandit

    being a burglar is a high risk profession. he knew the risk going in. he’s lucky to be alive. a gut shot has to be mighty painful. he took a chance and lost…….. too bad so sad

  6. conroecuttie

    Good day sirs. Please remember someone was breaking the law and got caught. Please, don’t let their stupidity cause more anger and hatred in America. We are loosing this fight with criminals due to people wasting time on anger and fear. Stand up and do what u feel is right. Agree that u disagree.
    And most of all Pray for our Nation. Luv ya guys.

  7. critter1957

    Just an opinion, I believe we have a right and it is our choice to defend our lives, our property and our family. The person that got shot had the right to get out and get a job,,,,,he choose not to. Seems he would rather take what someone else has worked for. The thieves in the world need to understand,,,,,,,PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF IT AND ARE GONNA STAND UP AND PROTECT WHAT IS THEIRS. Law enforcement can not be everywhere no matter how hard they try. I have family in Law enforcement and appreciate what they all do to protect us but sometimes we just have to stand up and do it ourselves.

  8. jdv

    No Bob, No SUCCEED nor Reloading stickers , as a matter of fact I’m for New York, and I moved here to get away from bleeding hearts, like you that seem to think we should save every starving puppy and every bad person is a product of a poor childhood and all criminals can be rehabilitated with a little love and a few more tax payer dollars!!!!!
    Maybe you should move to Florida seems they could use you near Orlando…..

  9. jdv

    Well Mister Bob, God forbid, but what if you came home tonight and found a man in your house, and your not sure where your wife and children are or how they are , are you calling 911, and waiting for 10 to 20 minutes for an officer to show up, or are you going to shoot?
    Because first off 20 minutes is not that far off on response time in some parts of the county and where I live I have had officers ask for directions to homes farther down the road from me..
    secondly, this story plainly states 2 men and possibly a weapon stealing copper, I’m sure your a fine and fit Meto-Sexual male, can you handle your self against 2 men with hammers or large screw drivers at once?
    I’m with you Jason, your on my land stealing my property, I’m arranging your meeting with your deity!!!!

  10. bobbyd

    Jason09…. I’m with you 110%!!! Thirves NEED to face the wrath of who they are STEALING from!
    If more of this type of JUSTICE was done,a lot of this BS would stop.
    The IN-Justice system just doesn’r cut it anymore. And then you have the people who think you are wrong in stating FACTS.

  11. jason09

    Should of aimed for the face there’s nothing I can’t stand is a dam thief. People work hard to get what they have and then someone piece of trash come and try to take it. Hope the guy dies a miserable death and the other guy dies from starvation. Just my two cents.

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