Precinct 4 Shooting Update

Just after 2 am Sunday morning Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputies were part of an officer involved shooting when they executed a ”BLUE WARRANT” at a home in the 1400 block of Ashland near Carlisle. The deputies approached the front door and were let in by the homeowner. They were told the suspect they were looking for was in a back room.

As they entered the room the suspect produced a gun and was fired on by at least two deputies, killing the suspect.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’ s Office Major Crimes Unit along with the Montgomery County District Attorneys Office Shoot Team responded to the scene.

As of 11:30 a.m. units remain on the scene investigating.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified pending notification of next of kin, was pronounced dead by Justice of the Peace James Metts, who also responded to the  scene. He order Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim the the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

As in all officer involved shootings the case will be sent to the Montgomery County Grand jury.

In Texas a Blue Warrant is a felony warrant issued by the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole. They are issued for person who are out of prison and on parole for various felony crimes. If that person violates the parole conditions by being charged with another crime, or not following stipulations set out, a warrant is issued.

The officers have not yet been identified either.


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  1. LOL29

    Yeah, have to say I’m not a felon either. So maybe you need to re think who your running around with. The man was a felon who pulled a gun on officers and got himself shot. They were faster than he was, thank God.

  2. spk

    For the information of the very uninformed, there’s a whole nation of people who are not felons and wouldn’t abuse anyone enough to become a felon. What part of the uncivilized area do you come from saying “who isn’t a felon?” Good grief.

  3. LocalDrifter

    Yes he was a felon and who isn’t this day in time.

    Uhhhh, Drifter here, for one, and it’s only because the opportunity to engage in a profitable and worthwhile felonious endeavor hasn’t come along just yet. (Though 47,622 people visiting MCPR on my birthday and not ONE wishing me a Happy Birthday had Jamie fairly close to writing the headline Local Drifter, Snubbed on Birthday, Turns Mall Sniper. And, yes, there’d come a clod or two posting how I was a swell guy with a problem. (Only misunderstood)

  4. nikki6

    The homeowner let him in but that doesn’t mean the guy in the room knew they were coming in, unless they announced their presence. 2 a.m. is a sketchy time to serve a warrant if you ask me. I am sure he probably woke up startled. Nonetheless, he shouldn’t have a weapon…

  5. justsaying

    U know u all sit here judging and putting a young man down who u don’t even know. Yes he was a felon and who isn’t this day in time. That man is my friend was a great son and wonderful dad. Just caught up in this stupid east county bullshit. B4 u talk trash look in ur owen back yard I’m sure its got some dirt to.

  6. Terrie

    The person that was shot; was my family , !!!!! I can’t believe the report that was given to the public. Pulling agun on police isn’t something he would have did!!!!!JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE MAKE’S BAD CHOICES DOESN’T MEAN YOUR A BAD PERSON# OR A STUPID PERSON!!!He was a good man ,loyal to his friends and family.. Wouldn’t hurt an animal;m much less another person’ and he left an imprint on everyone who knew him and loved him… so believe what you want ….

  7. spk

    Been to prison, got a chance to get out, violated parole, good riddance. No need in doing this the rest of his life. Waste of tax payer money and possibly lives, too. Not to mention much devastation to others.

  8. LOL29

    Police officers serving a felony warrant is not exactly “breaking in”. The fact that you would pull a gun on an officer says a lot. I’m sure if you did it would not turn out well for you either. Thankfully no officers were hurt in this incident, they were trained well and had fast reaction time. Thank you for putting your lives on the line MIB!

  9. LocalDrifter

    Johnny, I believe there was a directive issued just last week mandating warrant serving constables can no longer just yell SUPRISE! when going through a door but must instead announce Police Officers! Maybe they relapsed into doing things the old fashion way since it’s often not so easy change a familiar habit.

  10. Johnny Alamo

    Serving a blue warrant at 2am? I know a felon is not supposed to have a gun, but if someone broke into my room at 2am I would pull too.

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