October 1, 2022 6:31 pm

Posted: 2.8.2022 0:49


At 10:40 pm Caney Creek Fire was dispatched to a reported large building on fire in the 13000 block of McGreggor Road in the Bennette Estates area. The first truck arrived on the scene with a building fully involved with several vehicles and the woods starting to burn. Additional units from East Montgomery County Fire and Porter Fire responded. The fire was quickly extinguished but firefighters will spend several hours removing tin and overhauling the scene. The owner had been working on his vehicle and had gone inside to cool off. When he came out the building was in flames. He had just seconds to get his truck out of the way but the fire was too intense to move the cars. The Montgomery County Fire Marshal will investigate. The homeowner felt it had been some lighting and extension cord that ignited the blaze. There were no injuries.

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