shopping center evacuated

Just after noon on Sunday a cable crew was installing a guy wire anchor in the 19000 block of SH 105 West just past Walden Road. This was between the Big Sombrero Restaurant and Lake Conroe/ Western Hills Shopping Centers.

They had gotten it screwed into the ground approximately eighteen inches when it penetrated a two inch gas line. With wind currents it carried the gas in the direction of the shopping center.Montgomery Fire Department evacuated the area as a precaution. By mid afternoon the winds had shifted, however the business remained with no gas service. The only business that remained open was the Naked Turtle Tavern.

Close to 5 pm winds again shifted carrying the gas toward the  Big Sombrero which remained open as they were west of the location and not on the same gas line.

Centerpoint Crews finally arrived at 5:15pm and after digging down to the line were able to clamp it as Montgomery firefighters remained on the scene. Crews will now begin making repairs to the damaged line and restore service to the businesses.




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  1. Rowdy

    The only place where they have more gas than centerpoint? Oh the Naked Turtle Tavern of course!! See LocalDrifter..Centerpoint was actually at the bar and thus had to sober up before responding across the street!

  2. wars2217227

    Five hours seems like a long time to wait but maybe wilder11 is right and it’s not a big deal. This accident was lucky because of the winds, according to wilder. But what if there weren’t? No one controls the elements. I’d expect a much quicker response time as well.

  3. LocalDrifter

    Yes, sean4281, 6 years 3 months 11 days before I’m eligible for parole and with family no longer coming to visit I do have a lot of time on my hands.

    Oh, and congratulations on the award for your crew having bested the previous Centerpoint Emergency Response record by 17 minutes 11.255 seconds. Wish I could have been on the outside to witness it. Must’ve been asses and elbows and shovels flying like crazy out there.

  4. wilder11

    A gas leak is not as dangerous as you think except at the leak itself. The wind and air around dilutes it very fast. No wind at all and it becomes a problem.

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