SHPD Officer Ansley foils burglars getaway

Early on the morning of August 4th, 2009, just after 3:00am, Shenandoah Police Officer Chris Ansley noticed a gold colored Honda Accord traveling southbound on the Interstate 45 service road near SH-242. This wasn’t just any car driving around at 3:00am; this Honda matched a description of a vehicle involved in several car burglaries in Shenandoah during the previous week.

As Officer Ansley traveled beside the vehicle, the driver slowed to 25 mph in a 45 mph zone. Officer Ansley noticed that the occupants of the vehicle were making furtive movements as they hurriedly began stuffing unknown items under their seats. After receiving the assistance of a back-up unit, Officer Ansley conducted a traffic stop on the gold Honda.

After a tense situation due to the suspects failing to comply with the clear instructions from the officers, the three individuals were safely detained. Further investigation revealed multiple stolen car stereos, CD players, GPS devices and tools and equipment modified to aid in breaking into vehicles. All of the recovered electronics were confirmed as stolen during car burglaries in the City of Conroe. Conroe Police Officers took custody of the suspects, two of which are juveniles. The adult suspect was later transported to the hospital due to a minor injury unrelated to the arrest. Due to statutory and medical privacy related issues, the names of the suspects are being withheld at this time.

Shenandoah Chief of Police John Chancellor commends Officer Ansley on his exceptional police work and adds, “Chris is a professional officer with a reputation for good police work. These arrests are a great example of that.”

The investigation into this trio’s involvement in recent Shenandoah vehicle burglaries is ongoing.

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