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Posted: 18.5.2016 20:32

Sickening Allegations Against Principal Arrested for Online Solicitation

Investigators say the man not only preyed upon a child in his family who trusted him, but the child also recently lost her father.


Additional disturbing information emerged Wednesday regarding the shocking arrest of an Austin I.S.D. middle school principal David Dean for Online Solicitation of a Minor, based on charges brought by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office on behalf of a local child. Austin ISD Police assisted the MCDAO in the Monday arrest of Dean at Burnett Middle School, where he has been placed on unpaid administrative leave.

According to the complaint, a woman contacted the District Attorney’s Office stating that a grown man was having inappropriate contact with her 11-year-old daughter through internet or text messages for the purpose of arranging to meet and have sexual contact with the child.

The man was identified as 35-year-old David Paul Dean, of Austin. Not only is Dean a middle school principal in that city, he was a first cousin to the child’s recently deceased father.

An investigator assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force spoke with the mother on April 18, 2016 and launched an investigation. Contact between the man and victim was occurring over a cell phone belonging to the mother, who turned it over to the investigator who downloaded the messages.

The mother was pregnant and the victim and her sister wanted to host a “gender reveal party” for their mom. The mother and children were where there was poor cell phone reception when they discussed inviting the dead man’s cousin, so the woman handed her phone to the child so that she could text him. The two continued to exchange messages after the family arrived home and the mother walked away to bathe her two younger children, who are both toddler / preschool age.

According to the complaint, the child initially messaged Dean on April 20, saying “Hi it’s (victim) I just wanted to say hi and I know what it is. Can u come over for the reveal its at 2:00 at (address removed) and it is on April 24.”

At first, Dean’s response seemed normal enough. He said he was doing everything possible to be there and would let her know later that week. He then sent two more messages, asking, “What if I came tonight? Really want to see you.” The victim replied saying, “That would be awesome could u actually come I really want to see u too.” Dean answered, “Yes. All I need is a shower and a place to sleep.”  The victim sent Dean the address, name of the subdivision and even the code to get into the house. She then asked if Dean’s wife would come too. He said “Not this weekend. Is that okay?” to which the child replied, “Ok can u still come though pleaseeeeeee”  Dean replied, “Yes for sure. I want to be there for you for whatever you need!”

The victim again asked, “So ur coming?” Dean replied, “I’m in Austin so I’m still far but if you’re okay, I can come in and lay next to you to give you company!” The 11-year-old victim then responded, “Be safe though we can meet u tomorrow if u need us to and u don’t have to if it would be safer and if ur very tired we don’t Mind but I do want to see u soon”.

Dean then stated he was “safe” and “okay” and said he wanted to be with the girl. The victim responded that she was “ok with that” if he needed to do that. Dean then replied, “I’m comin for your needs. What are your needs right now.”  The child, whose grasp of the innuendos is unclear at this point, replied “My need is wanting to see u and to introduce u to the cats. See u and u see cats”.

Dean sent two messages that said, “I’m definitely cumming then. Sorry I shouldn’t have sent that”.  The victim replied, “It’s so ok and if u need to come tomorrow u can just be safe and get a good nights sleep when would u come”

She then sent Dean a photograph of herself holding one of her cats, and a message that said “my cat”. Dean responded with, “I want to come tonight and see your (five emoticons of a cat’s head)” which evoked the response, “Then u should but do what’s best for u”.

Dean replied, “Are you sure cause what’s best for me is to feel you see you. Can I confess something?”

The victim then sent two messages, asking “What? U do know it’s (victim’s name)”? indicating she then realized he was not being fatherly, and perhaps, thought he was confused about with whom he was texting. Dean replied, “Yes”

They exchanged several messages, with Dean asking the victim if she could “forget about this conversation” while again stating, “I can’t wait to see you.” He also sent messages asking where her mom was and if the victim knew how to delete text messages.

According to the complaint, Dean did not stop there. He messaged again asking if the victim was still there, and she responded, “Yes I am still here ~ About to go to bed good night love u”. Dean replied, “Love you too. If I show up can I sleep in your bed?” The victim texted back, “Sure pillows will be in room next to it r u coming tonight”.  Dean then asked the child if she knew “what happens to a man when he sleeps”. She responded, “No”.  He then texted, “I will try to not let it but sometimes things happen that shouldn’t. Especially with young girls.” The child replied, “Ok Love u good night”. Dean answered, “Love you too” adding, “I won’t come tonight. Unless you tell me that you want to learn what a man’s thing looks like.”

The victim’s mother said the child was alarmed by the messages and alerted her. The mother read them and contacted Dean telling him not to go to their residence. She said the child was very afraid Dean would go there after all, since she had given him the address and the access code, so the woman contacted her father-in-law and asked him to go and spend the night. The child’s grandfather then attempted to call Dean to confront him, but he did not answer. He left a message telling Dean to call him. Dean called back the following day and indicated his phone may have been “hacked.”

Another day passed before Dean contacted the child’s grandfather again, asking for advice about contacting the victim’s mother about the incident. The grandfather told Dean the police had been contacted and recommended he “give it some time.”

The child was interviewed at Children’s Safe Harbor in Conroe, where she referred to the exchange as getting “some weird messages” from her cousin “Davie”. She said she only wanted to invite Dean to the reveal party, but as they texted he began to send strange messages and she noticed he misspelled the word “cumming”. According to the victim, she did not realize something inappropriate was happening until Dean sent the text saying he would only go if she told him she wanted to see a man’s (penis), which caused her to question him as to whether Dean knew he was texted with her. He had responded that he did.

The investigator then proceeded to seek an arrest warrant, stating in his affidavit that Dean “intentionally and knowingly violated the Texas Penal Code Section 33.021, Online Solicitation of a Minor by knowingly soliciting a minor to meet with the intent that the minor will engage in sexual contact, sexual intercourse, or deviate sexual intercourse, or by communicating in a sexually explicit manner with a minor.”

Dean was booked into the Travis County Jail. The charge is a second-degree felony and bond was set at $70,000.