Just after 10p.m. Thursday members of the Montgomery County Special Investigations Unit, Sheriff’s Department Patrol and K-9 units swooped in on the 2008 Game room located at the corner of US 59 and Ford road in Porter.
Twenty citations were issued and one arrest was made.
SIU Lt. Philip Cash stated that of the forty illegal machines they confiscated over $8000 in cash and removed the circuit boards from the machines rendering them useless. He said these game rooms are illegal because they pay out money and are actually taking advantage of the elderly and disabled vets who spend their fixed income in hopes of coming out ahead.
Arrested was Katherine Ann McIntyre, age 61 who lives in New Caney.
She is charged with Engaging in organized criminal activity and has a $1500 bond. In addition to this it was found that she had an outstanding hot check warrant for her arrest. That charge is Theft of property greater than $20 but less than $500. She remains in the Montgomery County Jail with a $1000 bond on that charge.


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  1. retta

    Some people always believe what they hear! Game rooms are [email protected]! WRONG!!!! Like the lady said, they are not bad like some people think. I know that there have been some that give the good ones a bad name. I know! You see I use to own a game room, as well as my daughter. There was never drugs, etc., in our rooms. We both tried to keep them clean – in more ways then one. Like the lady said, if the children of moms and dads would get off their duffs and go to work and let mom and dad spend THEIR hard earned money the way they would like. Whether it be at the game room, lotto, dog or horse tracks then maybe the game rooms would not be criticized like they are. I would like to hear and see what will be said when the childrens children grow up and do the same things to them, that they are doing to their parents now! Some people like to sit back and criticize when they do NOT even know what they are talking about! AND NO SIR! Money from game rooms does NOT go to buy drugs!! It goes right back into the game room – snacks, drinks, payroll, toilet tissue, papertowels, etc.! Until you have been there don’t judge what goes on there. Sir, apparently you have never been in a game room!

  2. caneyladey

    I don’t comment much on sites, but just felt compelled to on this one. I sometimes take my elderly mother to a game room to play (on my money which I earn at a job and give to her freely) because she loves to just get out of her house and play a penny game machine. She is terminally ill and does not have much time left to live and a trip to Vegas or Louisiana is out of the question in her condition, but a trip down the road is something she can do. This gameroom had some of the nicesest people, no rifraf, druggies, drinking or anything else. Just having a nice nite out with some friends and family, using my money, doing what I wanted to do (put a smile on my moms face for an evening). Not hurting anyone at all, but druggies/drug dealers, rapist’s, alcoholics,and many degenerates roam the streets of Montgomery County and never do anything good with their lives, but complain about the people who use the money that they actually go to a job and work at to have a little fun and we are the ones being penalized. Yes gambling is illegal, but so are all of the above mentioned things that go on in Montgomery County. Concentrate on the things that are ruining our kids (DRUGS). And as for the many complaints you say you receive because parents spend all their money at the gamerooms and can’t pay their bills, I’m sure these complaints are coming from the misfit kids who live off of mom and dad and expect that Mom & Dad’s money is theirs. Well it’s not. Mom and dad worked for their money and should spend it the way they want and Junior, his girlfriend and the other family members need to get jobs theirself and quit living off of Mom and dad and the welfare system. Busting Games rooms is putting funds in Montgomery counties hands, whereas arresting druggies, etc. just makes the county foot the bill for their housing and court appointed attorneys. Clear the streets of the things that are really hurting our county and gamerooms aren’t one of them

    1. Scott Engle

      Did you ever think where the money from the game room’s go? Could it be used to buy drugs to to support another operation?

  3. rab1622

    that is so true i use to own a game room in east texas my machines were played good and they paid good when i was not working i would come down here to conroe where i live to play at these game rooms and i could tell right away that the machines where not playing like they were suppose to… i tryed to tell the other players but they said the same thing they no they are going to win but they never did and when they finally did win something it was no where near what they had put into the machines…we had to deal with county inspectors that came around to our gamerooms to check the payouts if the machines were not set at 60/40 payout we would get fined 1000 to 2000 dollars per machine not set right plus be closed until they got around to coming back to recheck them so i know that the machines can be tighten upso they dont pay and i know that all the places in montgomery county have there machines set so they are very hard or impossibke to win or even break even..

  4. Randy_Spring

    GREAT JOB SIU!!!!!!!!
    Now, let’s see… How many people were robbed, raped, and murdered while they were investigating this EVIL gameroom????? How many people where injured or killed in auto accidents than if you would have been out patrolling the roads???
    And a 61 year old woman just trying to make a living charged with organized criminal activity? Give me a break! And I am sure the responding K9 unit was really necessary…. but then again, maybe that old lady could put up a hell of a fight… who knows??? Maybe that was uncovered while “investigating”…
    Go after the REAL criminals. How about starting with the hoard of illegal aliens in the area? Players Club (a bar) is right up the road and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that there is a hell of a lot more criminal activity going on there than ever happened at this gameroom.
    And buy the way, last time I checked it was no ones business what the hell I do with my money.
    Maybe the Texas Legislature should pay attention to the popularity of these gamerooms and legalize casino gambling in Texas. Maybe then when you pull into the parking lot of a Louisiana casino and look at the License plates on the cars you won’t think you are still in Texas.
    So don’t break your arms patting yourselves on the back SIU…. 10 more gamerooms probably opened while you were trying to shut that one down.

    1. Scott Engle

      Robbers are the ones running these game rooms taking money from others less fortunate in hopes of winning big. IF this isn’t highway robbery why was it that $8600 was discovered in the machines? Sounds like a good bunch of tax free money for someone. As far as the K-9, you know how many game rooms have been busted where the dog alerted on drugs? Read some back stories , back as far as 2008 and see drug charges also. If ten more game rooms opened thats 10 more to shut down. People should realize by now they are shutting them down. So why keep opening them with the chance of losing cash, machines and freedom? Sounds like greed to me!! BIG DOLLARS in someones pockets and not who is playing there.

  5. kjohn

    i would like everyone to listen to this story for just a second 2years ago my husban had a stroke, he had to retire early, with no benifets not eligable for any type of welfaire makes 7 dollers to much no food stamps no help with his meds that coust 365.00 a month nothing then i got laid off my job great now no insurance and still we are not able to get any benifets of any kink and please do give any emails or web sites ive tryed them all. i got sick last year with cancer no one would hire me and even if they did i could get no insurance, so what happens loising every thing we own me and my husban goes with out our meds, i get a job in a game room i was sceard to death, but after a day or to i was glad i was there i worked in bars befor and this was great, no drunkes, no fights, no cussing ,just so real nice people who became my friends, now guess what because they are arresting everyone now they are all shuting down, so guess what that means for me and my husban????????? no lightd, no house, no car, no food, NO MED. thanks police but i just wondering while you were out fixing our crime problems have they arrested any dope dealers that you havent offered a deal to lately?? waht of child molisters?? murders?? casue im not seeing a lot about them on this web site {did any of you noitce them horrable looking older retired drug pushers coming out of place in the video?] ARENT WE PROUD

    1. Scott Engle

      So take advantage of others who are on fixed income to take care of your needs. I bet the owners aren’t paying you much. Oh all the money that came out of the machines last week how much of it do you see? So take food out of others peoples mouths so they in hopes can win more money. What about the guy on social security, spends his entire check in hope of winning and doesn’t. Now he is without for the rest of the month, you have a few bucks an hour, the owners roll in it and now pay these high priced attorney’s in Houston to defend them. I guess you don’t read this site much, not much on game rooms but plenty of dope, murders, robberies, burglaries.

  6. bubba2010

    all of us that work @ gamerooms including our customers are all like a big family,we all enjoy being around each other. most of us this is our 2nd home.we have bonded to these people & they to us.we are 0 tolerance towards drugs,alcohol,trouble makers,etc.if u are a single parent this puts food on our table, pays our light bills!we give just as much back to the community as other businesses do.we buy weekly supplies from sam’s & walmart.if these stickers we buy for these games is that big of a deal then please explain to me than where montgomery county uses the proceeds!? we do not make people come in to spend their money, they come in on their on free WILL & LEAVE the same is a place they enjoy coming to, a get away a short distance from home!some of us are on a fixed income and can not afford the gas are a hotel room to make it to lousiana

    1. Scott Engle

      If on a fixed income why do you waste it in hopes of winning more ? What about the owners, are they paying you a fraction of what they are making? Last week over $8000 out of 40 machines. Who finances 40 machines knowing they could be seized? Sounds to me like the proceeds go toward new machines, the electricity on that nice building. Out of the $8000 in the machines in one night how much are you actually paid? In one night how much does someone actually win?

  7. rab1622

    you are right the stickers are not stolen butthe people that apply for them should consider there selves lucky that the county doesnt arrest them for falsifying a legal document because when you apply for those stickers you put on the form that the gameroom is for amusement only..then they turn around and start paying cash for what you win on there machines..and that is where the get you because gambling in texas is illeagel …unless it bingo lottery or the racetracks..yea there is really no different but until the state deceids how they can get there share the gamerooms are not going to make in texas..i know its funny that some gamerooms get to stay open for some unkown reason maybe there paying someone off or they are just oned ny someone in the lawenforcement commiunty we will never really know.

  8. Confused

    These are not stolen stickers from the courthouse. These stickers are applied for and they have each serial number of the machine and the type of machine. The county and the state sell theses stickers knowing exactly what type of machine they are for. Every county in the state of Texas sells these stickers. So why is gambling not legal here? The Lotto is gambling so let the government run them, that is fine. Let our senior citizen have somewhere to go in Texas instead of driving to another state to spend their money. Which by the way they worked a lifetime for and should be able to spend it as they see fit. It gives them something to do instead of sitting at home and doing nothing day after day. They deserve excitement and fun it keeps them young.

  9. chjedu

    The machines may indeed have county vending stickers on them, but that doesn’t make the machines “legal.” Say I have a friend that works for the county and they sell me a car registration sticker they stole from work and I put that sticker on a stolen car; is that car legal? Of course not. Just because there is a sticker present the machine isn’t somehow magically made legal.

    Horse and dog tracks in Texas are operated by the government as is the Texas Lottery. Bingo games in Texas are operated by charitable, non-profit organizations and are highly regulated by the state government. If you want to take part in legal gambling then vacation in Vegas or Louisiana or elect state representatives and senators who will work to change the law in Texas. Breaking the law because you think it is unfair is not the way to handle things.

    I’d like to know what local law enforcement are doing with the gambling that is taking place at the Exxon station on FM1485 at Baptist Encampment. There’s always people there gambling away to their hearts content on eight-liner machines. Sure there are signs that claim no cash prizes are given out, but anyone who stops to observe for 10 seconds can see that the posted sign means nothing.

  10. Confused

    From the beginning we teach our children how to gamble, fairs, carnivals Chuckie Cheese all of these places are teaching kids to gamble. As they said we have dog and horse tracks we have scratch off and lotto tickets. There is nothing wrong with these gamerooms. The state and county makes you buy stickers every year for the machines.They say they have complaints from relatives about the elderly spending their OWN money. The elderly have nothing to do but sit around in their homes to die. They can not take the money they made in their life with them. They have a right to spend it how they choose. There is no rule that you have to leave your money to your kids. They need to be out there making there own money. Why cant grandma and grandpa enjoy the life they have left doing what they want to do. These rooms leave the money in Texas instead of Louisiana and provide jobs when there are no jobs to find. What really gets me is the police arrest drug users and then make a deal with them to try and get in the game rooms so they can get a case and bust the rooms and then lesser the drug charges for the cooperation. To me that is the county saying it is OK to use drugs but not to gamble. That is a little backwards. There are some bad game rooms and some very nice ones that do not let the rifraf in and make it a nice and safe environment for the elderly to enjoy what life they have left. I guess if you are retired you better move out of Montgomery County because they care more about the druggies than they do about you.

  11. mrsblue

    No one made these people go into these game rooms to play their money away. If that were so why is it that BINGO is allowed. Maybe these game rooms should make people pay taxes on the dollars and people would be ok with it!

  12. therealpolice

    Truly unbelievable! Those machines have County vending stickers on them! I’m confused??? Is it the circuit boards that are illegal? Is there a way to have a gameroom legally? I mean there are horse tracks and dog tracks in Texas. We have the Texas Lottery. I am wondering what makes this particular gameroom illegal. If anyone has the answers, I appreciate your response in advance.


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