Late Wednesday afternoon Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit (SIU) raided Marilyn’s game room at 21527 US 59. This game room was directly across the freeway from the East Montgomery County Annex’s which house Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, DPS, Precinct 4 Constables Office, Judge Metts Office, Social Services and Probation.
Two workers were taken into custody. Anna White, age 54 and Angela Whitfield, age 22 are charged with Engaging in Criminal Activity, Gambling Promotion, Keeping a Gambling Place and Possession of Gambling Paraphernalia. Eight citations were issued for gambling. The owner was not on site and is being sought.
This is one of many closed in the past few weeks. Just last week 2008 Game Room at US 59 and Ford Road were closed down with 20 citations issued and an arrest of the worker there.
Todays bust netted approximately $6600 in cash and the computer boards off as many as forty machines were seized. Also seized were two bill counters capable of counting 1200 bills a minute and alerting to counterfeit bills. These machines retail for over $500 each.
Lt. Phil Cash of the SIU unit advised many of these game rooms are shut down and not long after open in another name or different owner.  The employees of these game rooms tend to make $8 to $10 per hour and usually in cash, they are not told the entire truth and not given legal support. They have never had a criminal record until now.
Due to the storage space needed only the computer boards are removed from the machines. These boards tend to cost as much as $6000 each making it costly to the owner to put the machines back in operation.
“The news is out in East Montgomery County and the rest of Montgomery County that we are going to shut all these locations down, it’s just a matter of time.” said Lt. Cash.
Cash said, “we have seen several checks today that people wrote, some are post dated. Most are for every fourteen days. So they are post dating checks for when their retirement check or social security check is deposited in their account. Some are for several hundred dollars.”
The Fire Marshal’s Office was also notified and responded to the scene. Finding many violations including faulty/substandard wiring, smoke detectors not working and several other hazards they also tagged the building.
Walking up to the front door would give someone the feeling of walking into a federal building. Camera all at different angles lined the entry way and even a detector to alert of vehicles entering the driveway.
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  1. scratchnmyhead

    Wow! I feel much safer now! Is there not anything else that my tax money can be spent on?? Adults spending their money on entertainment of their choice. Legalize the machines and then the cops can go fight real crime. You know, the kind with victims.

  2. retta

    I am very SAD to see this place closed down the way it was! I know many people that went there to play and relax. You see it was not always about winning. It is nice to go where you know people, drink coffee, chat and play. It was not always about winning! It is kind of sad to know I may never see the people that I meet in there. I went most of the time to just get away and like I said relax. I know Marilyn’s place will be missed by many!! I have met many nice people in there and will miss seeing them. I felt safe going there!

  3. rab1622

    it is about time this one got shut down it has been running for years with no problems…i was wondering if she was paying off some in law enforcement to stay open…

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