SIU shuts down EMC meth lab

From the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

On Wednesday, May 6, 2009, at approximately 2330 The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division District 3 received a TIP of a possible wanted person. During their investigation and arrest of the suspect the Deputies uncovered components of a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory. The Deputies received consent to search two addresses the TIP advised the suspect frequented. The residences were located in the 11300 block of Gilmore and the 25400 block of Redwood in east Montgomery County. The residences were in close proximately to each other. The suspect was found hiding on the roof of one of the residences.

During the consensual search of the residences the deputies discovered items they recognized to be components of a clandestine lab. The Deputes secured the scenes which in turn were searched and evidence seized by SIU deputies trained to investigate clandestine labs. Some of the items recovered or observed at the scene included pseudo-ephedrine boxes, camp fuel cans, glass that contained crystal methamphetamine, coffee filters, funnels, and plastic bottles containing suspected methamphetamine and methamphetamine in solution. This investigation is continuing and will be forwarded to the MCDA for prosecution. No arrests were made at the scene with regards to the lab.

On Thursday, May 7, 2009, The Special Investigations Unit conducted a narcotics search warrant at a residence located in the 19400 Block of Old Coffin Road in East Montgomery County. The SIU had received information from the DEA that three Illegal Aliens, Hispanic suspects were arrested in Lafayette LA on May 6.

The suspects were in possession on one Kilogram of ICE methamphetamine and the suspects were known to frequent the area of Old Coffin Road. With this information the SIU conducted and investigation and found a residence on old Coffin Road that was rented by the suspects. The SIU established probable cause for a search warrant which was served in the early afternoon. Approximately 6 bags weighing a total of one pound of ICE methamphetamine was discovered hidden a wall. A digital gram scale, packaging, food sealers, two vehicles and other paraphernalia were discovered inside the residence. This investigation is continuing. The names of the suspects will not be released at this time.

The Special Investigations Unit was assisted by the DPS Narcotics, Houston PD Narcotics, PCT. 4 Constables, District 3 Patrol, and the Conroe PD narcotics.

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