When it rains even the slightest FM 1485 turns slick as ice especially in the curves. Other roads in the county are the same but three separate drivers found out the hard way today. At 4:50 p.m. this afternoon a Cleveland woman and her friend were northbound on FM 1485 north near Henry Harris when she lost control in a wet curve. Sliding sideways she almost struck another vehicle before striking a mailbox and severely damaging her vehicle. Her passenger was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital with minor injuries. During the crash her brown and white dog was ejected through the rear window and ran off. Residents in the area were assisting in the search.


Then at 6:55 p.m. a vehicle was northbound on FM 1485 at the Woodman intersection when the female driver went into a side skid and slid into the ditch. A second pickup attempting to avoid slamming into the side of the first vehicle slid off the road to the right striking a curve sign which broke away and slammed into her passenger side windshield.


Winds caused an oak tree green but hollow to fall across Milmac Road which brought out Commissioner Rineharts on call worker Randy Dickerson. Using  a Gradall he was able to push the tree off the road.  That wasn’t the end on Dickerson’s on call night as he responded to Firetower Road with barricades to close the road due to the power lines down.

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