There has been much discussion over the past few days in regards to the slower vehicles move to the right. Riding with DPS today showed this reported another example of this. Distractions, drivers not utilizing their mirrors and drivers not knowing how to use their mirrors.

While close to to Rayford Road a call was dispatched on I-45 and Calvary Road. Reports were people were entrapped and the road was shut down, Sgt. Schneider decided to help his Troopers as the sound of the call seemed very serious.

From the time we started driving north on the freeway it was seldom you could get over highway speed in the left lane. Several motorists had no idea he was behind them even with the high intensity lights and the siren.

Still other drivers started to go to the right and then went to the left lane.

Other drivers turned a turned signal on and instead of using their mirrors to merge into traffic n the right lane they would almost stop in the moving lane of traffic.

Even a Texas Department of Criminal Justice prisoner bus signaled to go to the left shoulder then went right.

An 18-wheeler just kept driving without a clue. Several times we were forced to move to the center lane to go around including the aquarium service truck which maintained highway speed not once even trying to move over.

Soon after FM 830 the freeway lanes started to narrow and we were forced to the right shoulder. Once there it was slow going again as motorists attempting to see what was happening ahead were pulling into the shoulder to see.

Now within one quarter mile of the scene  a pickup truck was bound and determined to get off the Calvary exit. His turn signal remained on to the right. At one point an 18-wheeler in the moving lane of traffic stopped to allow the traffic in front of us to merge in. That opening remained until the last minute when the pickup truck driver realized there was no way to exit..

This was a DPS marked patrol unit. I thought about what it would be lie for a much wider or larger ambulance or fire truck.

Once on the scene it turned out not to be as bad as first thought , the trapped person on the rolled over vehicle was easily freed and transported to the hospital in stable condition.




Drivers need to think about this. It could have been a friend or family member but the speed to the scene was greatly reduced.