The Huntsville Police Department has been made aware of several social media postings regarding robberies and/or home invasions at various apartment complexes in Huntsville.

The department would like to assure citizens that while calls pertaining to suspicious individuals have been received and handled appropriately, there have been no reports of home invasions or robberies.

“We have been made aware of several posts describing three individuals in local apartment complexes under the guise of door-to-door magazine solicitors,” HPD Chief Kevin Lunsford said. “We have investigated this claim at all complexes in question and have determined it to be a false rumor.

“While suspicious solicitors were reported, they were confronted by officers and no criminal activity was confirmed.”

While the report has been deemed false, citizens should still be aware of the general law provisions related to solicitation in the City of Huntsville.

“HPD would like to take this opportunity to provide information to our citizens that may make them safer,” Lunsford said. “Any solicitors within the City are required to have a permit, and part of the permit process is a background check on the solicitor which is done in an effort to reduce the possibility of that person being a criminal.

“Solicitors, as a result of the ordinance, are also required to show their permit to any person asking to see it.”

The Huntsville Police Department encourages citizens to provide notification of any suspicious persons or activities.

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