two teens die, one critical and still no answers

2161408_150x150_2[1]On February 19, 2013 Tyler Budro  (Craigan) of Daisetta in nearby Liberty County picked her son Tyler from school after the nurse called advising Tyler had a fever and thinking it could have been Mono.

The next day the fever continued to rise and Tyler’s family took him to  the doctor at which point he tested positive for Mono.


On Thursday, February 21st they took him to another clinic as he hadn’t improved. ‘

On Friday February 22, Tyler’s father came home in the afternoon to find him on the floor in seizures. He immediately put him in his vehicle and started for Baptist Hospital in Beaumont again. Halfway there he was met by an ambulance as the seizures hadn’t stopped. That was the last time Tyler was conscious.

Once there he was admitted and then sent to Hermann Hospital in Houston.

Doctors were baffled by his condition \mono is not known to attack the brain as in Tyler’s case. . He once again tested positive for Mono but the symptoms were not that of Mono as . The seizures did slow after heavy medication. The swelling of the brain did not slow. Doctors had to remove more of the skull than they would a trauma patient to ease the pressure of the swelling brain.

Tyler was a football player and sportsman. In November on a hunting trip he shot a pig and then found a small one and brought it home, making a pen for it. Doctors even looked at that as a source but still nothing. Cat Scratch Fever and negative results.

Tyler passed away March 10th on the sixteenth day.

Every day since then Tyler’s mother Janie has called the Harris County Medical Examiners Office for autopsy results and is told some of the tests could take months and nothing is back yet. She said she needed closure to know what caused her sons death.


On April 11th, a beautiful healthy 17 year old girl came down with symptoms of the flu. She had fever, body aches, malaise and it stood to reason that Katie had the flu as there was a known diagnosis of the flu in the immediate family just a few days earlier. She seemed to be improving by the 2nd day and was out and about being a normal teenage girl but that 3rd day she woke up again with the same symptoms. She took her daughter to the doctor where she was diagnosed with the flu/strep and was told she was a bit dehydrated and might want to consider going to the ER for IV fluids if she didn’t feel Katie would be able to keep herself hydrated enough while fighting strep/flu. Her mom took one look at her and said might is not an option. Every mother knows when their child isn’t their usual self and she took her straight to the ER. What happened in the next few hours is every parents worse nightmare. 
In the ER, her fever had finally gone down after receiving fluids and her vital signs were holding steady but a few of her lab values were off so they admitted her for observation and to rehydrate her. She was not on the pediatric floor for very long before she began to have new onset seizures without fever. She was quickly transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital. On arrival to TCH, she began to seize uncontrollably and was put on a ventilator. Her seizures became longer and more extensive and after exhausting all efforts to control the seizures, the doctors had no choice but to medically induce a coma. Testing revealed swelling in her brain and pneumonia. The doctors are left no stone unturned because they wanted  to know more than ever how this perfectly healthy girl went from having the flu to being on life support in a matter of days. They ran every test possible but still no answers. She was on so many medications to keep her stable that her organs  started to fail in the process.

Tyler’s mother had Tyler’s doctors send his medical file to Katie’s  doctors in an effort to possibly find something. They didn’t.

Katie died April 29, sixteen days after her first doctor visit.


Team BjA little over a month ago B.J Crawford, a New Caney High School student  began feeling sick. For almost a week it persisted, vomiting and diarrhea and fever. He finally told his father about it and was taken to the doctor.

Then on the same day Katie got sick   B.J. Crawford  was taken from class by MCHD after his fever spiked and his blood pressure dropped. He was transported to Kingwood Hospital and within hours was transferred to Texas Children’s. His symptom’s closely resemble the other cases except for the fact he has not had any seizures. He was friends with Katie Rios.

He has not been placed into a medically induced coma but doctors are wanting to biopsy his lungs. However he is to medically fragile for this procedure. They do know there is a major infection in his lungs. He is very week and on dialysis.

Yesterday his mother Kim Cutler tried to communicate with him but as much as he tried he was unable to speak. Only mumbling which then affected his breathing.  He pointed to his cell phone and after his mother handed it to him he attempted to text her a message but his fingers were too weak. He then took a picture pad and pointed to a heart as a tear rolled out of his eye. When Kim asked if he was trying to tell her he loved her, he nodded yes.

Today his lungs  have totally given out and he is now on life support. Several  different types of doctors from all over are meeting to discuss the possibility of doing a bone marrow test…the risk with the low platelets vs. the benefits of maybe an answer. They are looking for HLH a blood disease type of leukemia and starting him on chemo…but due to weakness that has been ruled out. His blood count is currently at 34 which on a normal person is 250.




I believe in miracles…please keep him in your prayers…he will fulfil his dream of becoming a Marine Biologist. I love you Benjamin (BJ) Crawford!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

—Kim Cutler


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  1. Carla

    I have read this account with sympathy and concern and would share some thoughts. The clinical presentation suggests a new virus against which there is no immunity – but in young healthy individuals their strong immune system can be triggered to go into a ‘cytokine storm’ which leads to mulktiple organ failure. This was a feature of the Great Influenza of 1918 which ‘started’ in the army camp in Fort Riley Kansas.
    Viruses can mutate – a random and often tedious process or ‘re-assort’ which is sudden and more likely to be dangerous – especially if one of the viruses is a human one! If say H1N1 Swine ‘Flu (or H3N2 which has dominated in the US this season) met up with variant H7N9 an avian ‘flu it would be so new as to not respond to a test for either.

    Another possibiity is Saudi SARS – this may have been carried home with pilgrims returning from Mecca last October and is known to be able to grow in more than one species and to use receptor cells deep in the lungs and cause kidney failure.
    Surely the CDC should be with you by now? This is definitely one for them.
    May the Force be with you!

  2. Amanda

    Hoping they will check to see if the kids consumed or inhaled anything. I remember the incense they were selling at smoke shops kids were smoking to get a high off of them and they caused some of these symptoms. Just something to check for.

    This breaks my heart. I will continue to pray for all the families and for the doctors finding the reason behind this.

  3. anlhdl

    After seeing someone post about the snails, I did some research and the parasite is called a rat lungworm.The parasite can be contracted through food like raw vegatables, fresh water shrimp,crabs ect.. Doctors defintally need to check this out as a possible problem.

  4. indipressbnw

    I also wonder if anyone has considered Malaria. All of this kids have or had symptoms of Malaria. There is a website called

  5. chaysjones

    Did they check for rabies? Tyler and Katie had many of the symptoms. Any hydrophobia, hallucinations, or double vision? I am so sorry for your lost. Lost my son too 7 yrs ago. I will pray for Ben!

  6. mo6k

    Reading about the wild pig…did they check for this? “Brucellosis is a bacterial infectious disease of animals and humans caused by members of the Genus Brucella. The effects of the disease in the primary host caused by the various species of Brucella are generally limited to abortions and reproductive organ infections. In other host species such as humans, the disease clinically may mimic severe flu and may vary to crippling arthritis or meningitis. There is no cure for brucellosis in animals and humans are treated with very high doses of antibiotics for extended periods to hopefully clear the infection.”

  7. mom

    Have the physicians considered the fungal infection known as Valley Fever that occurs in dry regions of the South East?
    This area of Texas has been very dry & dusty since the drought. Two of the teens are identified as athletes who may have played their sport on dry, dusty playing fields.

    Prayers for healing for BJ, comfort for all families & wisdom for the physicians.

  8. angel9267

    It breaks my heart to see these kids & their families have to go through this.
    I kept saying something isn’t right w/ all of this.
    Praying they can figure out what is happening & if there is a link.

  9. 4heartranch

    All these kids play sports, check the fields, make sure there they didnt play on the same field at some time.. There has to be a link with the same type symptoms and quick rate of decline. Sports seemed to jump out at me as a common denominator.

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