2017-01-04_09.48.39The Civil hearing involving “Puppy Dogs R Us” was held today in Justice of the Peace Judge Larry Wilburn’s court in Dayton, Texas where the case was dismissed based on several points of law by the defense council.  The primary argument was the probable cause affidavit that the seizure warrant was based upon was defective in it’s content. After reviewing the case and the probable cause affidavit, the Liberty County Attorney agreed with the defense at which time Judge Wilburn dismissed the case. The almost 20 acre piece of land where this facility is located appears to be one large and single piece of property, however the address of the residence on which the affidavit was based carries a different address than does the property next to it where several of the outbuildings are located and the animals were housed and the probable cause affidavit did not contain both addresses. Due to the dismissal of the case, the court did not address the dirty and unsheltered conditions in which many of the dogs were found.

In dismissing the case, Judge Wilburn further ruled that all of the approximately 150 dogs and cats must be returned to the owners of Puppy Dogs R Us by the Houston S.P.C.A within a 24 hour period. Both the Houston S.P.C.A and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor this facility and will investigate any further citizen complaints and/or apparent violations regarding abused animals

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