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  1. bobbyd

    Wow… It appears that MOST voters do not Realize the IMPORTANCE of the ESDs.
    If you have an Emergency,hopefully there is enough fuel in the vehicles to respond…Be it Fire,Medical or whatever.
    This really shocked me that 2 of 3 failed. All because of a slight increase in taxes that would hardly be noticed when paid.
    But I guarantee the ones who voted against it would-will be the FIRST to Bitch,Moan & Groan if their house burns down or a family member dies because it took medical 1st responders too long to arrive Or didn’t have all the needed equipment.
    Such a shame those people have NO comprehension of the value of this services.
    Either that or these people squeak when they walk because they are so tight.
    Once again,it appears the ME,ME,ME attitude or the “What benefit is it for me” attitude prevails at the bottom line of a FEW CENTS!!!!!
    Just Pathetic!!!!
    This post will probably create a bunch of hate replies, but OPEN YOUR EYES People.

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