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Posted: 22.11.2016 16:54


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Hello, my name is Darrell Beaty, I am the father of 19 year old Donna Kay Cloud of Splendora, Texas. Donna Cloud is a missing person and has not been seen by loved ones since October 25, 2016. Donna has not been heard from or seen in more than 26 days.

Despite many rumors that she was located and safe, Donna is still very much missing. I am extremely concerned about her safety, and well being.

We are pleading with the public, Local Law Enforcement, and media outlets to help aide us in finding her. We ask anyone with information to please come forward, and contact Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Somewhere someone has the missing pieces of information to find her. Anyone who has seen or spoke to Donna around Oct 26th we are pleading with you to come forward no matter how small the information it could be the link we need.

This has been a parent’s worst nightmare, and we are living it daily. We have been on such a emotional roller coaster, that began on the first day and continues on a daily basis. There is a unbearable amount of pain, worry and anguish that comes with something like this, and it stays with you every moment of everyday. The worst part, is not knowing if your child is safe or not.

Additionally, I was cruelly slandered, and criticized by cyber bullie’s on social media for these cry’s for help. It is no secret, that my vehicle was in need of repairs at the time Donna went missing. I also being the sole provider for my family had to take many days off of work to search for her as well as track her last known movements. Therefore a Gofundme account was put in place asking for help. Rumors and slander became so numerous that Gofundme was contacted and as a result there was a hold placed on all funds while a fraud investigation was conducted. I have since been cleared of any wrong doing, and all funds have since been released back into the account. However, due to the accusations and cruel rumors, I decided not to used one dime of the $390.00 that was raised.. I never desired to profit from Donna’s disappearance , and I would give all my worldly possession’s just to have her home safe. I only want to find my daughter and am desperate for help.

Because of the unfolding events associated with GoFundMe, and the misleading information we received about Donna being found safe, all the help we had pulled out. Additionally my name was drug through the mud and our credibility was severely damaged. I never could have dreamed someone we trusted would base their findings on mere assumption’s that she was located safe. For several days we believed Donna was safe and were waiting patiently to see her. Personally it took me over 4 hours to believe this was the truth before I posted about it on Face Book. On the following Monday we heard from the Sheriff ‘s Office that all the info we were given about her being safe were cruel assumptions and simply was not a true fact. None of the information given to us was verified by anyone in any way shape or form. We were then left single handedly searching for our daughter as well as trying to correct all the damage that had been done.

I can only pray that the critical time period for finding Donna has not lapsed already, and I wanted everyone to know the truth in its entirety. We were simply mislead and this is were most of the public confusion came into play. We were judged and we were slandered and as a parent we had not been in these circumstance before. We did not know where to turn or what to do. There is not a manual that one can turn to for step by step guidance to locate a missing loved one. We excepted help from areas we felt were trustworthy but later came to regret this decision.

I pray that we as a community can set aside personal opinion and difference and unite together as one in effort to bring my daughter home. We are asking for volunteer help with her search and recovery efforts, anyone interested in getting more information can reach us at [email protected]

Once again we are pleading with the public that anyone with any information please contact Montgomery county sheriff’s office at (936) 760-5800 or Detective Stephen Mullis at (936) 760-5811. There is also a tip line set up through “bring our missing home” at (810) 294-4858 We feel confident someone out there knows something, no matter how little we plead with you to come forward.