On June 12, 2018, the Splendora Police Department received a call for service in reference to an alleged sexual assault against a minor. Upon contacting the reportee, along with the victim who made the outcry, it was determined through an interview a crime had been committed. Under the direction of Splendora Police Chief Wally Wieghat, Detectives were immediately assigned to the case. Detectives with the Splendora Police Department spent countless hours digging into forensic interviews, cell phone data and one on one interviews. Enough evidence was collected and an arrest warrant was drafted and issued. The suspect identified as Michael Christopher Morgan, 35, of Splendora was taken into custody by Splendora Police Sgt. Teller just after noon Thursday for indecency with a child.




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  1. WtfNtx76

    Can’t taint something if it’s got total protection against such elements and as long as MCPR continues to make the many law enforcement agencies it reports on look as good as it does , I’m sure ur opinion will be greatly considered….. as worthless. This guy may or may not be guilty but it’s gettin someone voted for, nominated, promoted, recognized, etc. and that’s more valuable than moral values and human rights.

  2. bbarr

    Ok….I think we’re on a slippery slope here . This guy may very well be quilty and if so put him under the jail. BUT…these play by play videos and photos from the arrest to actually being inside the cell are a little much.
    It’s Suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. If he is proven guilty THEN show all you want.. What if he’s not? (Sometimes that happens) then an innocent person has been plastered all over social media and suffers the consequences and embarrassment of all this extreme exposure. You do a great service to the community on this site …don’t let the ease of technology taint that. Use some discretion.

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