Chief Wieghat and The Splendora Police Department want to share one of our favorite moments from a day filled with moments this police Department will never forget.
While we dropping off presents for a family, we noticed some children peeking out the window at The Officers and Santa. Well, Santa came to the window and the children loved it! Our Chief Clerk and Officer Hardin walked around the house to see if the children wanted to see Santa. Did they ever!
While the children checked out the police vehicles, we got a chance to speak to their parents. Upon finding out that Christmas was going to be tough for this family of six, Enloe and Hardin extended an offer for them to meet Chief and Mrs. Chief Wieghat at the station.
The last pictures are of our Chief Wieghat and his wife staying late and making sure these children had a Merry Christmas! Everyone’s smiles say it all!
Yesterday, well we know that was a God thing. Yesterday, the children of our community found out Santa was real. For every single person who donated time, gifts, and money, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. RE/MAX Heritage, I think we are on to something great! The Splendora Police Department, along with the Splendora ISD Dept. and Patton Village Police Department are forever changed from our experiences yesterday.
Chief Wieghat wants everyone to know the First Annual Splendora Police Department Toy Drive ( Operation Blue Santa) was amazing and we can’t wait to see what happens in the future!!!!
While out distributing gifts the group saw one home where the homeowner was trying to build up the driveway so they could get to their home. He did fairly well until the tractor went off to the side of the drive. With 20″ of rain since September, The sandy soil was not able to support it as it sank and attempting to work it out made things worse. Local Wrecker Driver Slinky Knox of Saddle Creek towing who has helped many in the Community for over a decade came to the rescue. As Splendora Officers shut the road down, Knox was able to use his heavy duty wrecker and retrieve the tractor.

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