New Years Eve Splendora Police responded to shots fired call on Brice Lane. When the first unit arrived an assist, the officer was dispatched due to the number of persons firing weapons. As officers arrived several males fled into a horse barn where they were detained, one was arrested. According to Sgt. Teller of the Splendora Police Department, the males had been shooting weapons into a pond and into the air. Miguel Calderon, of Humble, was arrested on Deadly Conduct charges and evading arrest. Multiple weapons were confiscated. As this was happening heavy fog along with smoke brought in zero visibility. That is when a vehicle crashed just down the road on US 59. Before units could get to the scene and close US 59 a total of 7 vehicles ended up crashing as motorists driving to fast for conditions were unable to stop as they came upon the crash. Splendora was assisted by Montgomery County Precinct 4, Patton Village, DPS, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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  1. res

    Build the wall! And do an ICE raid back in King’s Colony, while you’re at it. It sounded like a war zone back there on New Year’s Eve.

  2. bbarr

    Where’s ICE ?……..we all know east county is being over run with illegals and surely Splendora is not claiming to be a sanctuary city…… it ?

  3. DollyHorton

    Oh boy, just what Montgomery county and Texas needs. More of these kinds of people. But hey, let in hordes of them and this is what our county and country gets. And if any commit a real crime? Poof! Gone across the border before the police can do anything. No doubt they will be let out on bond and similarly go poof! Shut the border tight!

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