Leesville, Louisiana was destroyed by Hurricane Laura. That gave a 19, year-old teen and his 15-year-old cousin the perfect opportunity to help make a trip to Houston that they had planned. They first stole a young ladies’ vehicle and then went on to steal 3 cash drawers with a total of close to $1400 in cash. They fled Louisiana to Texas. They didn’t plan on a Splendora Officer set up working traffic at East River and I-69. THe blew by him at 86 miles per hour. The officer attempted to stop them. Speeds reached 140 miles per hour before exiting Creekwood Drive in Patton Village. On the exit, they attempted to brake check the officer several times before crashing into the guard rail at Creekwood. The passenger fled toward Patton Village. The driver, 19-year-old Marquis Oshay Willis ran into the woods on the west side of the freeway. Units from Splendora, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, DPS, Patton Village, and Precinct 4 Constables surrounded the area. Splendora launched the drone to start the search of the dense woods. A short time later a resident on Oakwood Drive in Charterwood spotted the male attempting to break into a new home. Willis says the resident on the phone after he broke the window, cutting his hand. He fled back into the woods. The search continued as he popped out near the Big Rivers Waterpark and went back into the woods. The juvenile suspect was spotted as he rounded the corner of the YMCA building. He spotted officers and ran back to the woods. Instagram messages make law officers think he may have been picked up by a family member. Several cell phones were found in the vehicle so officers weren’t sure if they had communications or not. On Sunday afternoon Big River Water Park employees spotted Wilis in the park. He had changed clothes and had a backpack. He ran out the back gate as law enforcement arrived on the scene. After an extensive search, he was not located. Monday morning a call came into 911 stating Willis may be walking down SH 242 near FM 1485. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on the scene and he was taken into custody without incident. His hand was cut and he was cut up from being in the woods. He said he had not eaten since Saturday. He was transported to Kingwood Hospital and released to Splendora Police. Willis gave officers a full statement including the fact a homeless man had provided him with the backpack and clothing he was seen with on Sunday at Big Rivers. Officers did give him a Texas welcome before transporting him to the Montgomery County Jail. They purchased lunch for him at What-A-Burger. He is charged will unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, burglary of a habitation, and evading arrest. He also faces charges in Louisiana where he is also a suspect in several vehicle burglaries.

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