spring high stabbing suspect charged

Seventeen-year old stabbing suspect Luis Alonzo Alfaro, 17, of Spring has been officially charged with this mornings stabbing at Spring High School. He has initially charged with murder. Additional charges are expected. Alfaro has admitted to the stabbing.

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  1. LocalDrifter

    And I heard it was that the guy was hungry from not getting his tax payer subsidized free breakfast and was close to fainting when he looked up and thought it was a humongeous pork chop with sunny side up eyes coming towards him and he just had to dig in to chow down.

    (I just love listening to rumors and gossip from little girls.)

  2. justhonest

    Heard it was over that other guy elbowing his girlfriend. Well looks like its gonna be someone else’s girlfriend now. He’s goin to the pen for life now. Stupid stupid stupid

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