Spring High School is now on lockdown. A crowd of parents are on the scene attempting to get in contact with the sons and daughters to find out if they are ok.

One student is dead, another has been Life Flighted.

Two students are being detained at this time. There is no information coming out of district officials or law enforcement as they are securing the school and any others that could possibly be involved.

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  1. Catlette

    Sigh…just started school and we already have this? Sad state of affairs. My prayers are with the injured and loved ones of those involved. I’m sorry but I believe getting this right starts at home–not more police. I think parents just aren’t paying attention to what their child is doing. I know teens are good at hiding things but how do you not see this type of behavior? Attitude? Pay attention to the “friends” your child hangs out with. I guess we’re gonna have to frisk ’em at the door….tsk tsk tsk….

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