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Posted: 30.8.2016 18:14

Staged Local Suicide Exposed By Nevada DMV

In what Charles Rodger Edgell of Conroe, Texas initially called into the Liberty County Sheriff’s dispatcher around 11:pm on Monday, August 15th was obviously meant to sound like a suicide call has now resulted in he and his girlfriend, Jennifer Burkes, being wanted by Nevada authorities for attempting to secure a driver’s license from that state with a deceased person’s social security number. Edgell’s remark to the dispatcher was to the effect that, “…. I have a lot going on in my life and I’m dying of cancer, etc…”. However, what was later discovered and what Edgell failed to tell the dispatcher was that he had just recently been indicted for Sexual Assault in the 359th District Court in Conroe, Texas.

What lead Investigator Sgt. Billy Knox said could almost be described as a “movie script” started out as a missing person case by the Sheriff’s Office based upon receiving the phone call from Edgell and finding his white 2006 Mustang abandoned on the Hwy. 105 Trinity River bridge with his Last Will and Testament lying on the dashboard of his car. An all day search followed the next day on the banks of the Trinity River with volunteer searchers and cadaver dogs checking the shore line for the body of Charles Edgell but coming up with negative results. Sgt. Knox was still conducting the follow-up investigation on the alleged “missing person” when he received a telephone call on Monday from the Nevada authorities.

According to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, Charles Edgell had entered their office and attempted to secure a state driver’s license but for identification he was using a social security card of his girlfriend, Jennifer Burkes’, deceased husband who also had the first name of “Charles”.

When the DMV clerk ran the social security number and it came back to a deceased person Edgell was confronted with this fact which caused him to flee from the office but he left his girlfriend behind. Authorities questioned Jennifer Burkes but had nothing to hold her on so she was released. However, the DMV’s follow-up on the social security number led them to call the family of the deceased person who, in turn, told them what was probably going on with Edgell and Burkes. It was at that time the Nevada DMV contacted Sgt. Knox and the circumstances of this staged suicide in Liberty County began to come together and the reason for Edgell’s attempt to secure a new identity in another state became more obvious.

Sgt. Knox said the Nevada DMV now have three outstanding felony warrants on Charles Edgell and the possible involvement of Jennifer Burkes and both are being sought at this time by Nevada authorities. This is in addition to the felony Sexual Assault indictment in Conroe, Texas.

It is unknown if the pair will try to return to the Conroe and Liberty County area or remain on the run in Nevada . Charles Rodger Edgell is described as a white male, 6-3”, 180 lbs with brown eyes and brown hair. Jennifer Burkes is a white female, 5’-7”, 112lbs. with brown hair and green eyes. They are thought to be in Burkes’ vehicle but the make and model are unknown at this time.

As a result of the notification and information from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has closed out the “Missing Person” case on Charles Edgell and any further follow-up will be on the more serious felony indictment out of Conroe, Texas and by that agency.

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