Starving horses seized

Horses seized

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NORTH MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Precinct 4 Livestock Officers Don Smith and Dwayne Morrow spent most of the day preparing and seizing two horses that were very thin, in extremely poor health. The horses were located on FM 1484 just north of FM 2432 near Willis.

The deputies previously visited the property and warned the owner that the horses needed to be seen by a veterinarian. After several calls by passersby last weekend, they took action.

The deputies contacted the Houston SPCA, and a seizure order was subsequently signed. As the rain began to fall, the horses were loaded and taken to the Houston SPCA to be treated by a veterinarian. Numerous empty bread loaf bags were found in the pen. Morrow said the owners were likely buying day old bread at discount outlets to try and keep the horses alive because they could not afford hay.

Morrow said the county has seen an increase in underfed livestock as the economy has worsened and people have been forced to choose between feeding their families and their animals.

The horse owners may face criminal charges.

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