statement from new caney isd on the walker taken from the young child

New Caney ISD’s focus is and always will be to meet the needs of our students and to protect them.  However, we cannot comment on any case involving confidential student information.  There are strict laws protecting student privacy, beginning at the federal level with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and reinforced by Texas law and NCISD policy.  We believe these laws are in place for a reason — to protect children from a public discussion regarding their confidential records.  While a parent may choose to share information about his or her child, we cannot.  We remain committed to respecting the ethical and legal guidelines and laws that protect our students’ right to privacy. To that end, it is important to know that the video and audio recording at issue was not sanctioned or authorized by the District to be released for public dissemination.  Furthermore, the District does not agree that the recording at issue here is a complete recounting of the entire underlying confidential discussion and is therefore neither representative nor accurate towards explaining the District’s ongoing efforts to serve its students.

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  1. roper39

    This is what I sent to the school district.
    Decision to deny LaKay her walker.

    I worked in a bicycle shop near a Cerebral Palsy Center. The entrance to the shop had two swinging glass doors. One of the doors was broke and locked. The working door was marked IN on the outside and OUT on the inside. And the broken door was marked clearly “OUT OF SERVICE”. The Palsy kids each end every one of them went right to the working door and effortlessly passed through. Almost everyone else shook the broken door, sometimes even banging their heads trying to leave.

    Hospitals encourage even the most severely injured patients to get up, using a walker, as soon as they possibly can. This exercise and motion builds strength and reduces the chances of developing potentially deadly blood clots.

    The first story goes to who is the most intelligent here. And the second one goes to who may get sued.
    Mr. Lemley, you are knowingly denying this child the chance to a better life. And you call it ” the District’s ongoing efforts to serve its students” I expect to see the school district loosing this one in court.

    Don Graham Jr.

  2. u20120326

    Let me summarize the ISD’s response. Stating a state law and using weasel words to hide behind it in order for you to not have to answer for the mistake you have made.

    First, there is no confidential records. We aren’t asking you to comment on the kid’s health. We are asking you comment on the words that came out of your mouth which are on the recording. Second, make up a hypothetical situation in which a fictional child with the same condition shows up at the school and you deny them access. There is no law or confidentiality in a case like this. Make up any details you like and explain to us how you can justify discriminating against someone who has special needs.

    Now, more importantly, you start off the statement saying you won’t comment and then you conclude by commenting about the recording, sanctions, district opinions, and every other thing you can think of to cast uncertainty and doubt on the video recording and the mothers claims. Meanwhile you don’t provide a shred of new evidence, proof, or statements about what happened.

    Lastly the confidential information you speak of is nonsense. The only information we want debated is that of which is already public information. Quite frankly anytime someone uses the confidentiality or other type of legalese I automatically say that’s a guilty person who is trying to avoid shame, embarrassment, ridicule, or some other type of loss. I can’t remember the last time I heard of anyone getting in trouble for sharing someones information. What I do see everyday is inappropriate behavior and guilty parties hiding behind the vale of privacy laws to deflect the finger of blame and dodge accountability.

  3. ericjgreen

    This guy needs fired. I encourage everyone to contact the Superintendent and let them know that the school district is NOT responsible for making parenting decisions for our children! Mr. Lemley needs to be officially reprimanded for his lack of professionalism.

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