Stepfather – the true horror story

CONROE – Like repeat sex offender George Theragood, another accused child predator was in court in Conroe on Friday. Jurors in the 359th District Court of Judge Kathleen Hamilton found 31-year-old William Lee Pond guilty on two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child following four days of testimony.

Montgomery County prosecutors Sheri Culberson and Rob Freyer called several witnesses to the stand, including Pond’s 12-year-old stepdaughter who stated that Pond repeatedly sexually assaulted her over a period of four years that began when she was 5-years-old. The young victim referred to Pond as “Daddy.” According to the DA’s office, the victim’s mother testified that on February 26, 2006 she returned home from running errands to find Ponds and her then 9-year-old daughter naked, lying under a blanket in the living room. She testified that Pond ran into the bedroom, pulled on some pants and fled from the home. Afterward, she said the little girl revealed Pond had abused her for years.

The woman took her child to Memorial Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands where Registered nurse Tiffani Dusang, who testified in the trial, conducted a sexual assault examination. Two days later, the child recounted her abuse at Children’s Safe Harbor in a video taped conversation with forensic interviewer Sylvie Acklin. Throughout the trial, prosecution witnesses confirmed the child’s story remained consistent following the initial report of abuse.

It took jurors only two hours to return a guilty verdict against Pond on both counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. Pond has a prior conviction in Chambers County for felony possession of marijuana (between 5 and 500 pounds). During the sentencing phase, jurors were made aware of Pond’s record and heard testimony from his probation officer, Chris Edwards, who stated that Pond committed the sexual assaults while on probation.

Pond was sentenced to 60 years in prison, making him eligible for parole in 2037 when he will be 59 years old. His address at the time of his arrest was listed as Indian Hills in Livingston.

In a statement released on Monday, District Attorney Brett Ligon commended the work of the Sheriff’s Office and Children’s Safe Harbor but said the victim was the “true hero” by having the courage to face her abuser. Ligon said jurors showed county residents have “no tolerance for this despicable victimization of children.” He further stated his office will continue to pursue sex offenders with “aggressive fervor,” and “hope to see that any and all who commit these heinous acts spend the rest of their lives in prison.”

The Texas Sex Offender Registry can be accessed free of charge, 24 hours a day:

Texas Sex Offender Registry

Records can be searched by an offender’s name, or broader checks may be performed by address, county, or school for those wishing to identify potential danger in specific areas.

With the approaching holiday season, Montgomery County News encourages all parents of children who plan to trick-or-treat or attend holiday gatherings to take a moment and search the registry.

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