Stolen cars and trash bags make for busy day

EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY- Apparently, not everyone in Pct. 4 has heard about Constable Rowdy Hayden’s zero tolerance policy. The phrase is typically used by law enforcement to warn citizens about an initiative related to a single crime, sometimes for a set period of time.

However, Pct. 4 has a perpetual zero tolerance policy for multiple offenses, from driving without a license or insurance to illegal dumping of household garbage. Despite publicized reports of people who were caught and given a choice of cleaning up their mess and paying a fine or going to jail, some people still risk being caught.

On Thursday, two New Caney residents learned their lesson the hard way after an investigation led Lt. Mark Seals to their doors. Seals said the garbage was found at the end of Honeybee Lane on a dirt road that is being developed into a subdivision when the developer reported the unsightly mess.

As always, Seals responded by going to the site and examining the garbage to find its origin. But before he could begin, he saw an abandoned car on the dirt road with its doors open. He checked the license plates and learned the 1994 Oldsmobile was reported stolen that morning from an 85-year-old Porter woman.

“They took the grill, the headlight assembly and one engine part,” Seals said.

The car was returned to its rightful owner and soon the garbage was as well. Seals discovered the trash, which was about 12 large bags, came from neighboring homes on Cicada Circle West in New Caney.

He paid a visit to the homes of 37-year-old Shane Thomas Chapman and Tracy Lee Khan, 42. Both chose to pick up the garbage and receive a citation rather than go to jail. The citation carries a fine of $250 to $500

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