Fielder, Rod Lynn Just before 4 p.m. on Saturday, a Conroe resident had just gotten gas at the Valero located at FM 1314 and Sorters Road. Leaving his vehicle running, he walked into the store to pay for his fuel. He then looked toward his truck and saw two white males jump inside and drive off.

A Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy pulled in moments later to get fuel. As he started pumping, the victim of the stolen vehicle ran to him and informed him of the theft. He immediately broadcast the vehicle description, a green1998 Ford Explorer, over the radio.

Moments later, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. was heading toward the Valero and spotted a vehicle matching the description. It was located just south of SH 242. As he pulled up behind it, the officer was able to determine that it was not the stolen vehicle. Then, another green SUV passed him on FM 1314 heading toward Conroe. The driver opened the window and exposed his middle finger to the Sgt.

The Sgt turned around to follow the vehicle and noticed it was speeding up.

He attempted to stop the vehicle with his lights and siren when it fled East on Gulf Coast Road heading toward Grangerland. Reaching speeds of 80 miles per hour, they approached the ninety degree curve at Southern Pine Drive. The stolen vehicle made the turn but lost control and started to flip, coming to rest on its roof in a ditch. The driver was ejected and the passenger of the vehicle fled into the woods.

Caney Creek Fire Department and MCHD responded to the scene. As medics were working on the driver a search was initiated in the wooded area for the passenger. As the search took place, a white vehicle pulled into the intersection of Southern Pine and Gulf Coast. The driver of that vehicle and his wife inquired of the neighbor who was watching the scene what had happened. At that time, deputies noticed a white male exit the rear of the vehicle matching the description of the man who ran off. He was immediately taken into custody.

According to the driver of the white vehicle, Rod Lynn Fielder, 18, of Conroe was a former friend. While he was working in the yard Fielder came walking up from the back of his property and told him he was there just “to chill.” Fielder was told he was not welcome and told the home owner would give him a ride to FM 2090. As the home owner and his wife approached the intersection and learned what was happening he turned to Fielder and inquired about the blood on his ear. Fielder said he had been in a fight. The home owner’s wife told Fielder, “You don’t know how to fight. Get out of our vehicle.” That was when Fielder was taken into custody.

The driver of the stolen vehicle has not yet been identified and remains in the hospital in stable condition.

Fielder remains in the Montgomery County Jail charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and evading, the same charges the driver will face when he is released.




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  1. TG

    HELLO! Don’t leave your vehicle running in a public place and walk away from it. It’s illegal and more importantly, it’s STUPID!
    After the car thief proved his arrogance by flipping off the MCSD Sgt. when the EMS got there they should have flipped off this thieving POS and left. I don’t care if people think I’m mean and just wrong but I’m tired of my tax money being spent on worthless garbage. I’m sure this low life will only get a slap on the wrist with no compensation to the stupid car owner and will be free to continue being a jerk.

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