Feb. 27th around 0400 hours Pct. 4 Constable Deputy located a stolen vehicle in the Palace Inn parking lot (24085 Hwy 59 Porter, TX 77365). An investigation showed the driver was thought to be a Petersen, Shavon w/f 7/27/80 and to be staying in a room at the hotel. Upon approaching the room, a male and female voice was heard. Deputies made contact with the male occupant, who advised there was not a female in the room, but did give consent for a search. The male identified himself as Darrel Edwards, 8/2/69. Deputies located Shavon hiding under a mattress. Shavon’s felony warrant was confirmed and she was taken into custody.

Further investigation showed the male to have given deputies a fake name, hiding his true identity of Parkerson, Mark w/m 3/27/70, due to him having a warrant from Orange County, TX. Parkerson was placed under arrest for Hindering the Apprehension of a Known Felon. Upon arrival at the East County Jail, Parkerson claimed to have a medical condition that prompted medics to transport him to Kingwood Hospital. Hospital staff advised Parkerson should stay the night and the decision is made to release from custody, as to not tie up a deputy to sit at the hospital all night and reissue the warrant.

A few hours later, Parkerson left the hospital without medical clearance and fled. Pct. 4 and Montgomery County Sheriff Deputies began searching for the subject. It was then found that this is a typical M/O for Parkerson. Several sightings of Parkerson had been seen at the Palace Inn, but always alluding deputies once they arrive. Finally around 5pm word was Parkerson was once again at the hotel. Deputies approached but Parkerson fled on foot. He was found shortly after hiding in a large planter container at a nearby Mosque. Upon attempting to take Parkerson into custody he escaped again, and ran on foot through open land, swam across a large pond then into the woods. Deputies we’re then able to take him into custody. Possible charges pending for the stolen vehicle.



Petersen, Shavon

Petersen, Shavon (date of birth 7/27/1980)

Felony (blue warrant)



Parkerson, Mark

Parkerson, Mark (date of birth 3/27/70)

Hinder Apprehension/Prosecution of Known Felon

Evading Arrest/Detention w/ Previous Conviction

Warrant – Orange County, TX

Constable Hayden has always had a great working relationship between Pct. 4 and other agencies, including the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Constable Hayden and his deputies strive to make East Montgomery County better for everyone who lives, works or travels through.

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