strong winds rip through san jacinto and liberty counties

Storms with high winds whipped through San Jacinto and Liberty Counties Wednesday evening. Heavy damage was reported in the Tarkington Area of Liberty County where Tarkington Fire Chief Paul Gregory lost several large trees in his yard. Trees were down, power lines down. Damage was heavy to the Tarkington Schools as the roof of the gym was damaged workers cleaned up almost two inches of water from the gym floor. Light fixtures were broken on the front of the school and the tennis courts suffered heavy damage.

Not far away near County Road 2286 and County Road 2287 a large oak tree toppled over in the winds. That tree landed on a travel trailer trapping a 69-year-old woman. He son heard her cries for help and was able to squeeze through the debris and pull her out. Cleveland EMS transported her to Tarkington High School where PHI Air Medical met them and flew her to Hermann Hospital in Houston in critical condition with facial trauma, arm and leg injuries. The travel trailer was almost completely flattened.

Crews also attempted a rescue on several new born puppies under the travel trailer but mama let them know all was well and they were ok.

An 18-wheeler was also blown over on FM 1725. Damage was also reported on FM 2025 between Cleveland and Coldspring.


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