River Ridge is a small subdivision that sits south of Porter along the San Jacinto River. As the gates opened at the Lake Conroe dam , 79,000 cubic feet per second of water was released. It wasn’t long before the surge of water rushed through Porter. Out of its banks the powerful river almost wiped out the subdivision. Sundance Head, who lives just across the road is currently out of town on a U.S. Air Force Tour. His wife Misty arrived home just before the storm planning on getting ready for the week ahead. She hadn’t seen any news and did not know about Harvey. That changed as neighbors started talking about it. Soon after their 2-story home had 6-feet of water through the second floor. All of Sundance Head’s tapes and recordings were gone. His father Roy Head also lost most of his recordings and awards dating back into the early 70’s. Roy Head and his wife arrived at the home Wednesday afternoon torn by the damage but grateful for the volunteers with Rebuild South The crews moved in and gutted most of the house. Young and old they worked together hand in hand. They plan to turn around and rebuild the home within days. Shane with Rebuild South Texas .org said they are not looking for monetary donations. They need able bodied persons of any trade to help clean and rebuild the damaged homes. Larry Rasberry who lives one street behind Head and was further from the river lost even more. His entire brick home was washed off the slab. Only tile and one plumbing pipe remained. His boat was in a tree at the end of the road. The material from the eave of his home, scattered in trees. At 73-years-old Rasberry doesn’t know what he will do. His music room is gone, his home gone. Just 100-feet down the street his neighbors home sits tilted on it’s foundation. A 12-foot deep hole replaces where the carport sat. The sand from that hole blocks the road with a 4-foot sand dune. Power lines and poles litter the area. Throughout the subdivision mountains of debris are evident of the massive damage. Another neighbor of Rasberry sat watching the work progress as friends and family picked up what debris they could. He commented how he would like to meet the man who flipped the switch to open the dam are destroy the only property he owned.

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  1. graceasher

    Watching that video I just plum teared up. That man, the Sr gentleman property owner has touched my heart so much. His faith in God is a testimony to what we must all strive for. That loving family is the beautiful heart and soul of America. God bless Texas. Prayers coming from Kentucky. I love yall

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