About 11 am this morning Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Constables stopped a vehicle on traffic on Gene Campbell Road near FM 1314. The male in the vehicle attempted to give a false name. When the deputies realized his true identity and that there was an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest the male fled into the swampy woods.

Deputies searched for over an hour in the flooded woods among the snakes and mosquitoes but were unable to locate him.

The male is identified as Robert Raymond McCullough, 33 of 25045 Rainbow Lane in New Caney. If anyone spots McCullough contact Montgomery County Crime Stoppers, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or 911.



A short time ago McCullough was spotted by a DPS Trooper on FM 1314 near Old Houston. Once again he fled into private property. The homeowner spotted him and gave chase, tackling McCullough. McCullough then bit the homeowner and tried to flee but was not successful.

He is now being transported to the Montgomery County Jail on charges of possession, assault, evading and escape.

mccullough captured





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  1. LazyCop

    Hey guys : can we get a Hannibal Lichter type face guard on this carnivore before he bites my cat ? He was most likely just “methin” around the hood and needed some action….and got it.

  2. tired of the thuggs

    home owner needed to kick him in the ass while he was cuffed ….. hope him/her don’t get any infections from that fool

  3. LocalDrifter

    Felony warrants. Evading. Possession. Assault. Escape. Biting.

    Drifter (noticing the cross around his neck) states, “That’s not the Christian thing to do.”

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