Katie Moore, 26, was walking along Highway 105 near FM 1725 around 1 a.m. Saturday when she was struck by a vehicle and killed.

Moore’s husband, Terry, said she’d gone for a walk late at night. She was talking to him on her cell phone seconds before she was hit. Her final words will forever haunt him.

"She said, ‘I love you,’ and I said, ‘I love you too, I’m on my way.’ She said, ‘Hold on, let me get out of the way of this big truck,’" Terry Moore remembered. "

That’s when the phone went dead.

Terry Moore rushed out the door to pick her up. He was driving along Highway 105 when his heart sank. He spotted debris from Katie’s purse and a flashlight she’d been carrying.

"I grabbed her flashlight. I was screaming for her and screaming for her," Terry Moore said.

A few minutes later, he found his wife’s lifeless body in a ditch.

Authorities said they found nearly 100 pieces of evidence at the scene, including a broken headlight from a Dodge pickup.

They say there were no skid marks.

Moore and his family formed search parties and combed the area in search of pickup trucks with damage.

"If there was a Dodge truck sitting in the back, we went up and checked it because we wanted to know for sure," said Cheryl Frazier, Katie’s aunt.

They found one belonging to a 24-year-old man who later surrendered to police. He is the son of a Cleveland Police Department employee.

The suspect, whose name hasn’t been released,  told police he thought he’d hit a deer.

Moore’s family isn’t buying that. They said Katie Moore was wearing a white shirt and carrying a flashlight and a glow-in-the-dark cell phone. She was walking in the grass off to the side of the road.

The suspect’s Dodge pickup was seized and police said it has damage to the right front-end, including a broken headlight.

Moore’s family is upset that no charges have been filed in the case.

"You should be ashamed for what you did," Moore said. "Her babies needed her. I needed her."

Moore said he and Katie were high school sweethearts. They have two young sons.

"She was a mama, she was a wife, she was a daughter. She was loved. She didn’t deserve this," Moore said.

Katie also had tow children. Preston, age 4 and Jordan, age 3.

Her funeral will be at Pace Stancil in Cleveland at 11am Tuesday, July 27, 2010.








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  1. rebelbabe1978

    Your right there is not a law about someone walking down the road; but there seems to be a lack of responsibility. This young woman was walking on the shoulder of the road and then someone comes along hits her throwing her into the ditch and then fleeing the scene. This young woman was very important to many people personally and professionally. The least any one can do is have the courtsey to not say something so heartless and cruel about someone who did nothing wrong. She was moth the person in the wrong here the driver who hit her and left is the one who is wrong.

  2. jh

    It is unfortunate that each and all of us as human beings make choices in our lives on a whim without thinking out any or all repercussions that could result from our actions. Katie and her family learned that in a split second costing her her own life. She was just a woman, raising a family, holding down a job, making a life with her husband. All of us have been in a situation finding ourselves somewhere we should not have been. It is not our place to judge her actions, she had her reasons for them, we all have our reasons for risky actions. However, we are alive reading about Katie loosing hers and sharing pain with her loved ones. Remember she was the victim not the offender. Shame the driver that struck her and left her dead alone in a ditch. Blame him.

  3. ImOldGregg

    There aint no law against a woman walking down a dark deserted streatch of road at night but there is a thing called COMMON SENSE but apparently it’s lacking in that area of the county.

  4. ccboober1

    This is a terrible terrible situation to be in. I understand that there have been several post blaming Katie for walking at night. She was blonde, had on a white shirt, white shoes, talking on a glow in the dark phone, AND carring a working flashlight walking TWARDS the flow of traffic. She was doing everything she could, and was following the LAW! There is no law that says it has to be a certian time of the day or night to take a walk. Even if this was nothing more than a tragic accident, EVERYTHING changed when he left the scene of the accident. He and his family have been in my prayers since day one…. he will forever have to live with the fact that he has taken a life. Continued prayers for the Moore Family are appreciated.

  5. SSargent

    My thoughts and prayers are with this family – especially her husband and children as they now have to go through the stress and fears of testimony, trials etc.
    This is something that will forever be burned into their minds.
    I hope the driver gets the most severe punishment. You don’t hit someone and then just leave them discarded like trash.
    May the family find peace and healing as they work through their grief.

  6. jeaneteam1

    Gone for a walk late at night? A walk down a highway at 1 in the morning?

    This is a very sad situation and I feel bad for her family. But please…. don’t go walking down a freeway at night, in the dark. I don’t care if your cell phone glows or not.

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