Just after 6p.m. Monday night Conroe Police were dispatched to the 100 block of Avenue E which is across from the Oscar Johnson Community Center. When they arrived they learned  man identified as Lino Oldalde Angel, 39 who lived at the residence had a .22 rifle and was threatening several others in the home after a long bout of drinking. At least five males exited the home but told police one was still inside.

Unable to make contact with anyone in the home and unable to determine if the other man was a hostage, SWAT was dispatched to the scene.

For the safety of the people in the Community Center they were held there as Avenue E and also Park Place were closed by police. As the night went on still no communication was made with the suspect or the person inside. Bull Horns, sirens, and loudspeakers were used by no response.

Officers surrounded the house at a distance and were able to hear movement in one of the bedrooms. Approximately 10:30 p.m. the order was given to start raking the windows and then start dispensing tear gas canisters inside the home. The Conroe Fire was dispatched to stand-by in case a fire erupted.

After 11 p.m. one male came out the back door. Although covered in tear gas he appeared uncooperative with authorities and claimed he didn’t hear anything as he was sleeping and the gas woke him up. He refused medical treatment on the scene and was taken for questioning.

Finally, just before midnight SWAT Team members entered the home and took Angel into custody.

he too claimed he was sleeping and didn’t hear anything. He was arrested and the weapon was recovered. He faces an aggravated assault charge plus additional charges.  He too covered in gas refused medical treatment.

One he got to Conroe PD he complained of burning and was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital by MCHS. He was released at 2:45a.m.

He is now being held in the Montgomery County Jail for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and an Immigration hold.

Many officers felt the effects of the gas also. Some with burning eyes or skin. Others had it carried  into their vehicles by the wind.


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