A Liberty County jury deliberated for only 15 minutes Wednesday during the sentencing phase of the trial of 20-year-old Jared Cruse before returning with a sentence of life in prison.

Cruse is the latest suspect found guilty of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old in 2010.

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  1. pynke2445

    Why is it that people want relatives to be responsible for someone’s actions? Shouldn’t we all be responsible for ourselves? If we raise our children to be responsible for themselves then our taxes would not be so high. It just amazes me that we have no control over ourselves anymore. I for one was brought up by my parents that if I did wrong, I WOULD PAY period. No one but me would take on the burden of finicial or any other reponsiblilty. I think these people are sick and need to be locked away, but I think they should have to work to pay for every dollar that they cost the state, county or city, in courts, medical bills, counseling etc. We must teach the world to be responsible for there own actions and just to make matters worse, they will not be in general population, as they are sexual sick-o’s that are segergated from others for there on protection. (amagine that)

  2. Citizen Soldier

    These animals have really cost the state and county taxpayers a lot of money…now that they are all going to prison…shouldn’t their families pay the court costs and all related expenses ? I certainly hope that they are placed into the general prion population where perhaps some of the inmates with young daughters will have the time to spend some “quality” time with them Thank you and hats off to all the law enforcement personnel and court officers that are handling these human animals that were living right under our noses.

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