teacher arrested after failing to show for jury trial

In March  Margaret Young, 44 of Magnolia received a jury summons in the mail at her home. The summons was for April 1, 2013, the first day her special needs children at Magnolia Junior High School were to return to the class room. Wanting to be there for the children the court allowed her to be with the children by allowing her to join the jury pool of almost one hundred fifty on April 29.

On April 29th she received an email telling her she was not needed until the following day, April 30. As soon as she saw this she once again called Judge Kelly Case’s 9th District Court and told them she was unable to make her jury date.

Ms. Young, who in addition to a sixth grade  Special Needs teacher,  tutors a young cancer student on her own time. Recently the student learned she was cancer free.

Several months ago Young was asked to attend the Courage of Light Luncheon. The luncheon was sponsored by the Candlelighters. Every year, this luncheon gives Candlelighters the opportunity to honor young people who are lights of courage in their battle with cancer. They also represent the thousands of children living with childhood cancer. The young cancer patient was to be honored at the event.

Young explained to the court why she could not make it, but was told she could not be excused.

Just after 7 p.m. Tuesday evening Deputy Thomas with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was given the task to arrest her. The deputy even questioned it and asked for advise from his supervisor before placing her in cuffs and transporting her to the Montgomery County Jail.

She was booked into the jail on a charge of Writ of Attachment/Felony with no bond.

County Court  4 Judge Mary Ann Turner seeing what was happening and came to the rescue. She released Young on a $10,000 PR Bond.

Young, with her attorney Greg Gaines appeared in Judge Turner’s Court Wednesday afternoon and will return May 13.

Now since her arrest she is not being allowed to return to Magnolia ISD until her felony case is disposed of.  In addition to her suffering her students now suffer without their normal  teacher.

Other local attorney’s say they have never seen anything like this. Young was never sworn in as a juror but was not there to join the jury pool.

IT has also been noted that she would have been exempt from jury duty due to her being a student and working on her Masters Degree at Sam Houston State University. But she decided she wanted to do the right thing.

Several attempts were made to talk with Judge Case but according to his staff he was not granting interviews.




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    I agree with the decision. I’m sorry, but why is her job any more important than anyone else’s? Yes, people miss jury duty all of the time and may not get more than ugly letter or maybe a citation. The difference with this case is she called and was told she was still required to report. Didn’t mean she would be chosen, she just still had to come in. I have been summoned on average of 2 times a year. Police officer who need to be on patrol are required to show up…they get dismissed but they have to show up. Why is it more important for this teacher to not be replaced by a substitute than an officer being removed from patrol for the same purpose. I would rather the officer stay on the street protecting us. I am a mother of a special needs child and also have worked as a special needs teacher. Lady…get over it. You were told to show up, you didn’t, you went to jail for disobeying a direct order from a Judge…got what you deserved.

  2. pennylynn

    In the four months Judge Case has been on the bench have any other jurors failed to appear for jury duty? I wonder if any of them were arrested? Well of course not, if they had we would have heard about it! This is crazy. The Judge sends a deputy out to arrest an innocent citizen when we have thousands of warrants in Montgomery County that go unserved for years. Makes no sense to me.

  3. ditone

    To bad this is a common practice in Montgomery County. The Judges along with the D.A’s office. Feel they are above the law. While going through a divorce I had Judge Mays. I had 5 court dates reschduled so Judge Mays could go play golf. I was then moved to judge Stovalls court and she had her court clerk reschdule twice once for a hair appointment. All the judges need to be investigated. And as far as I am concerned Judge Case should be removed from the bench and
    the Texas Bar should revoke him.

  4. really66

    bus377…….Her duty and “honor” were with her special needs children at school!!! How dare you say something so mean, Jury duty may be an honor and privilage but she did NOT have to be arrested for it. So she was doing her duty…bet that so called Judge Case, won’t be a Judge ever again in Montgomery County!!!!

  5. stevenmrrs

    That’s why they send out 150 because they know some people will not make it. Her job is very important just like everyone else in this county. Taking her to Jail was not the answer I don’t care what anyone says. Montgomery county has to much power and they need to give in a little.

  6. bus377

    she wanted to do her duty till it was inconvenient then she decided to not do her duty. Jury duty is an honor and privilege to all Americans who deserve it.She should have done her Duty.

  7. scratchnmyhead

    Absolutely ridiculous! If you’ve ever been present for jury selection and seen the circus dog & pony show and all the b.s. excuses that are allowed….. There is no such thing as a jury of ones peers, only juries of people the lawyers deem acceptable. What a joke the system has become and this is proof.

  8. yukonjack




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