New information is coming to light about the brutal attack that killed a high school senior in his own home in northwest Harris County.
According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, at about 4pm Monday, Pedro Sanchez, 21, arrived at a home in the 18600 block of Oden Trace Drive and walked in through an unlocked door. Sanchez was spotted walking up the stairs carrying a baseball bat and wearing latex gloves. He entered an upstairs bathroom where Tyler Wade, 17, was taking a shower and began attacking Wade.
Authorities say Sanchez armed himself with a knife and stabbed Wade multiple times, as Wade fought for his life.
Wade’s younger sister was home at the time and witnessed the attack. She ran to a neighbor’s house for help.
The neighbor grabbed a gun and ran to Wade’s defense. When he confronted Sanchez and ordered him to stop the attack, Sanchez went towards the neighbor with the knife, who shot and killed him.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has identified Pedro Sanchez, 21, as the killer who attacked 17-year-old Tyler Wade in his home.

Both Wade and Sanchez were pronounced dead at the scene. Wade was a senior at Tomball Memorial High School.
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit is investigating this case.



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  1. kj2104

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  2. conroe911

    Though it was to late to save the first victim thank God the FF took this guy out. No trial needed.

    I’m glad the FF was brave enough to confront and kill this punk.

  3. joryan

    mlg1969…really?, that’s your comment?
    If you read the news and something sticks in your small brain, you should know that whites and blacks were involved in homicides recently. Including one killing his own grandfather.
    So don’t be stupid. You live in a country where you have the freedom of speech; use it wisely and dont make yourself look like a looser with the comments you made on this post.

  4. LocalDrifter

    This is one time when a firefighter turns into ‘cop’ isn’t such a bad thing. Too bad he couldn’t have shot Pedro ‘Skulking’ Sanchez sooner.

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