According to Houston Police Accident Investigators, just before 7:30 pm Tuesday a Mercedes Benz passenger car that was southbound on I-69 at Kingwood suffered mechanical issues and broke down in the number 3 lane of I-69 just south of Kingwood drive in front of Kingwood Hospital. Both occupants exited the vehicle. Moments later a Dodge pickup that also southbound saw the vehicle and was able to stop behind it. Not far behind was a Nissan pickup which was also southbound with a driver and a 16-year-old passenger from Honduras that was visiting. The Nissan slammed into the back left of the Dodge pickup then deflected off clipping another pickup. It finally slammed into the rear of the Mercedes driving it across the lanes of the freeway, across the median, and across the feeder onto the right side of the feeder. The driver of the Nissan narrowly escaped fatal injury as the cab of the Nissan collapsed. He was transported to Kingwood Hospital. His 16-year-old male passenger did not survive the crash. Houston firefighters worked close to 45-minutes to free him from the wreckage. Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Jason Dunn responded to the scene and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center. The family of the young man arrived on the scene and positively identified him. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office was contacted and chose not to file any charges at this time. The freeway and feeder were both closed from FM 1314 to just south of Kingwood until 12:30 am. DPS, TxDOT, Harris County Sheriffs Office M.A.P., and Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office assisted in traffic control and the closing of the freeway.

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