Teen Learns High Cost of Evading

Christian RainesA Splendora teen had a fast car, but not fast enough to outrun his bad decisions. They caught up with him Wednesday evening after he decided to run from law enforcement.

Around 6 p.m., Capt. Mark Seals of the Pct. 4 Constable’s Office was northbound on US 59 in a marked patrol vehicle when a silver 2010 Camaro passed him at a speed in excess of 120 miles per hour. Capt. Seals activated his emergency equipment and attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the Camaro’s driver accelerated and refused to comply. The pursuit continued north on US 59, with the Camaro exiting the freeway at Fostoria Road.

The Camaro’s driver, 17-year-old Christian Raines, disregarded the signal light and blew through the intersection continuing at a high rate of speed and then turning west on Coleman Road. Raines, still traveling at dangerous speeds, attempted to drive through the neighborhood to reenter the freeway. However, a precinct 4 deputy responded in his patrol vehicle and managed to block Raines from getting back onto the freeway.

Captain SeRAINES1als was then able to complete the traffic stop. After Raines stopped, deputies discovered he had two very shaken passengers. When asked why he refused to stop, Raines said he did not want a ticket. His passengers said they were pleading with him to stop, but he refused.

The Camaro had no liens against it and was seized under chapter 59 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which deals with contraband and asset forfeiture.

The teen’s Facebook page indicated he had successfully evaded law enforcement on US 59 at least once, or he really wanted his friends to believe that. On November 28, "near Splendora," the teen posted "Patton Village cops, just give up. One of his friends then commented, telling him to choose between surrendering to police or being handed over by his friend. Another friend responded to the post with, "What’d you do now lol".

Christian Raines is charged with third-degree felony Evading Arrest/Detention in a Vehicle. The charge was enhanced because he had prior citations for speeds over 120 mph. Raines’ bond was set at $5,000.


What Christian will remember when he’s walking…

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  1. texasmomof2

    LOL !!!! Now who’s laughing!!! Lol!! Thanks to MC for taking this “child” off the streets. We most definitely would be reading an obituary with him killing himself or someone else. Boy if it was one of my family members you hurt, I would be YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!! Kids think they are invincible and it’s not going to happen to them and then you hand them the keys to a sports car?? That’s playing a game of Russian roulette. If the parents of Mr.Raines bought him this car, it just tells me that they don’t love their son…

  2. MO

    I see this way too often with kids getting these sports cars for their 16th birthday, parents dont be surprised when you get that knock on the door in the early morning hours when your kid wraps his new sports car around a tree because he was doing something stupid.

  3. wlwright

    That little maggot almost ran into me once. How does a 17 year old punk afford a Camaro unless he’s selling drugs? I would have loved to see him lose it on the loose gravel at that turn On Coleman but it would have injured his passengers. I hope he never gets his license back.

  4. Janice

    LazyCop, he almost hit a family! My husband, 2yr old grandson and I were at the end of Coleman Road. He was going really fast coming toward us, and slowed to make that sharp curve onto another street. The cop, driving an SUV was doing a pretty good job keeping up with him.

    I didn’t see any passengers in his car, they must have ducked down. They must have been very frightened …. I know I was!

    We later saw him on a near by street with 5 cop cars around him.

    I’m glad they got him!

    And glad that we didn’t get hit! Thank you JESUS!

  5. LocalDrifter

    I find this whole story rather odd. You usually find this type of behavior from those who’ve lost the instructions and put their caps on backwards.

    Looks like Precinct 4 did a good job and “Rainesd” (insert rim shot) this clown in.

  6. whistlebriges

    How many other lives did this punk jeopardize with his attitude (I did’nt WANT a ticket), maybe his parents should teach him some tough love & show him—-U can’t always get what u want. 17yoa, new camaro, bad attitude

  7. LazyCop

    Has this young man ever heard the old rockabilly song : “I fought the law and law won”…most likely not…
    If his car would have hit a vehicle with a family in would have killed them all. We all have heard of life in prison without parole…but in this case it should be “no driver’s license for life” or until he reaches the age of 40. This type of careless behavior needs to be severely punished. His parents also need a good lawsuit on them as well.
    Great work law enforcement and as always the MCPR..the only news agency reporting in detail on our criminal-infested county.

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