On Sunday, June 10th 2018 at about 5:34 PM, Grimes County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received a 911 call from a male caller advising his friend had been shot. The cell phone connection was lost during the call, but the cell phone pinged within the area of a tower located on SH 30 and CR 261.

Dispatchers were able to make connection again with the caller who advised he was driving his friend to a hospital in Huntsville, Texas because he was the victim of a gunshot wound.

At the Hospital parking lot, members of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and Texas DPS Highway Patrol made contact with the caller and his friend. The caller was immediately detained and the friend was taken inside for medical treatment. The caller was identified as Raul Garcia Jr., 17 years of age. The gunshot victim is a 16-year old male juvenile. It was determined that no one else was inside the vehicle.
Initially, it was believed the shooting had occurred in Montgomery County.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit initially investigated but found the incident occurred in Grimes County. Investigators of the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office were contacted and began investigating the case.

During the investigation, Investigators were able to determine that Garcia and the 16-year old male were riding around in the Richards Community of Grimes County where he obtained two pistols. After this transaction, they continued to ride around. With the guns, they then began playing a game or “Challenge” that is prevalent on social media called “You Lackin.’” In this game, one person points a gun at the other and asks “You Lackin”? The other person in turns pulls a gun out pointing it back and saying “No.”

While playing the game, Garcia had pointed his gun at the victim and it discharged striking the victim in the face. Garcia then threw the pistols out of the vehicle and called 911.

Deputies searched for several hours but were unable to locate the weapons. Tuesday morning they were located with the help of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

No Lackin Challenge is a video fad in which people film themselves brandishing firearms and pointing the weapons at unsuspecting victims to provoke them into displaying a firearm in return. The game is meant as a way to test the readiness of people who are living in high crime areas. It is done without pulling the trigger. However,it caught media attention in January when a Memphis teen was shot in a cafe as he was participating in the Challenge.

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