Just before midnight a carjacking took place on Rayford Road. The two suspects , a 16-year-old male and another white male took the vehicle with a 17-year-old female and her father at gunpoint and went to the home of the victim to gain access to additional money. As the male victim went in he locked the door and called 911. The suspects released the female and fled in the vehicle. The vehicle was soon spotted and a pursuit took them to Riley Fuzzel and Aldine Westfield where they ran into an open lot and fled on foot. The 16-year-old was quickly taken into custody, the white male who was believed to be armed fled into the woods causing a massive manhunt by both Harris County Precinct 4 Constables and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. The search closed Riley Fuzzel Road from Hardy Toll Road to Aldine Westfield. After an extended period the suspect was not found. Precinct 4 deputies transferred the juvenile male to Montgomery County Deputies at the location where the car jacking took place. It was there that deputies also arrested the 17-year-old daughter of the victim, Susan Maria Mize, after learning that she had involved in the entire episode. The male was transported to Montgomery County Juvenile. The female was transported to the Montgomery County Jail.


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  1. fmrlasodepsheriff

    UH HUH… another wannabe, confused white chick thinking it’s ” coo ta be a gangsta, ya kno fool “.Too young and too stoooopid.

  2. rukiddingme

    HaHa! Dad KNEW she was involved! Why else would he leave her with the criminals and lock himself inside to call 911? No father would do this unless he knew that his child was not at risk.
    This being said….Hey, parents! How about you quit raising entitled brats! In a society that everyone gets a trophy, and each child is brought up to believe that they are a precious and perfect creation that can do no wrong and with no concept of the word EARN…Are we really surprised that these types of things happen? SMH.

  3. Rodzilla5332

    Imagine how heart breaking that is for the father to think his daughter cares a little for him that should would set him up to be robbed. Smh.

    1. michelle227

      Look for her to get a ten-year deferred…which will be flipped to straight probation after a few years when the MTRP is issued for the fourth positive drug test. Another trip to SAFP and a year on paper and it will be revoked to TDCJ time.

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