The Texas Renaissance Festival starts this Saturday, October 3rd, and runs through November 29th. With COVID-19 many changes have been made this year. Tickets must be purchased in advance as they will be enforcing a 50-percent capacity crowd. All workers and entertainers will be wearing masks. Guests are encouraged to wear masks where social distancing is not possible. Signs throughout the event remind persons of masks. According to the General Manager of the Renfest employees and workers will be screened daily before they enter and crews will be working through the nights sanitizing. Hand wash stations are also seen throughout the event area as are mask rest areas. The State of Texas has supplied free masks for patrons,  however, souvenir masks are available. They have even to hold mask design contests. With 70 acres of land and another 200 acres for camping, it is all open-air. Another issue with years past was getting to the event through traffic. A lot has changed. Part of the new Blue Bonnet Tollway is now open. Take SH 249 until it ends at FM 1488 and turn left two miles to FM 1774. Turn right and you will enjoy the new 4-lane concrete road. Another way is SH 249 to Woodtrace then continue up FM 1774 which is also now complete including an overpass over the railroad tracks in Magnolia. In addition I-45 to SH 105 then west to FM 1774 or SH 6 to SH 105 then East to FM 1774.  DO NOT rely on apps like Google or Waze as they may re-route you if there is traffic and many side streets and alternate routes have been closed to Festival traffic.

Festival gates are open rain or shine, so be sure to check the weather for Todd Mission, TX before you leave for the day. Sunscreen is recommended even on cloudy days. Hats and Sunglasses are strongly suggested, and Comfortable shoes are a must. Cash – If you don’t bring enough with you, many of our vendors accept major credit cards, just ask before you place your order. There are also ATMs located throughout the festival grounds for your convenience.

One (1) unopened bottle of water is permitted when entering the festival. Empty water bottles that can be filled in the festival are permitted. You may also bring in food for infants and toddlers.

ALL tickets are DATE SPECIFIC and must be purchased in advance this season due to capacity limitations.

Purchase at, Groupon, or visit an H-E-B Business Center.

If you have purchased your tickets in advance online via or Groupon, please take a photo of your ticket QR code or add it to your Apple wallet before you get to the gate. Cellular service didn’t exist in the 16th century, so while we have made every attempt to be accessible via every carrier, some are more responsive than others.



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