Texas Rep Would Dump Illegals in Congressional Offices

Local law enforcement agencies would have the power to drop off illegal immigrants at congressional offices under a new law proposed by a Texas state representative. GOP state Rep. Lois Kolkhorst admits the measure is a symbolic call for more border security but maintains she is serious about getting it passed, News Radio 1200 WOAI in San Antonio reports. The proposal from the Brenham representative would empower local police or sheriff’s deputies to take any illegal alien they have in custody to a congressional office and ask an employee of the senator or representative to sign a release turning the person over to the office. The law does not say what the congressional office would do with the person, according to the radio station’s report. The measure is one of several new attempts to rein in illegal immigration by denying various rights and benefits to illegals along with housing and jobs. Kolkhorst has another measure pending what would bar illegals from state benefits, WOAI reported.

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  1. rebelbabe1978

    It is about time that something be done about this problem. It’s time that our federal and state government start stepping up and do the job that they were elected to do. We need to focus on the citizens here in our country and work on making our country better before we start helping the world and everyone who comes into this country illegally. If they truly want to become citizens of this country then they need to do it the right way; and not start out by breaking the law.

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