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Posted: 26.11.2015 18:07

Thanksgiving Feast Feeds Hundreds!

The First annual Thanksgiving Feast fed hundreds of people Thursday, free of charge, at the North Montgomery County Community Center in Willis. The amazing spread was prepared by the Red Onion Catering Company, owned by Joey Ashton, a Special Investigator with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

Ashton said the event was called the “first annual” because there would definitely be a second and a third, and so on. Around three dozen volunteers helped bring it all together and run smoothly. The event was extremely organized, despite being put together in less than two weeks.

Ashton said every year, the DA’s Office adopts a family for Thanksgiving and a family for Christmas. This year, nobody had a family in mind, so they turned to the internet and at first thought they would be providing Thanksgiving for a specific number of families, but then they decided to open the doors to everyone. That decision was met with great enthusiasm, as Ashton put it, “It just exploded.” They had lots of sponsors and volunteers, serving all of the traditional dishes, and then some. They severed community members from all walks of life, and they gave away 10 bicycles. They also gave gift cards to needy families to help with Christmas or groceries, or whatever they needed.

District Attorney Brett Ligon and his wife and kids were among the volunteers, and afterward, they delivered food to homeless camps and delivered leftover desserts to North Montgomery County Fire Department and Montgomery County Youth Services, as well as Bridgeway House.

Ligon, who was among the officials participating in the Homeless Coalition’s recent Homeless Simulation at the Conroe Tower, said the dinner was an example of why that organization’s efforts to bring awareness to homelessness in Montgomery County are so important.

“Even though this is Montgomery County and we’re an affluent community, we still have homelessness,” Ligon said. “It’s a problem that’s not going away, with the community growing at the pace it is.”

Montgomery County is the seventh fastest growing county in the United States, he said, and infrastructure simply isn’t keeping up.

“We’re on a crisis mission, to get out and not only reach people within the community, but also make sure that they’re fed and they’ve got coats on their backs for the winter,” Ligon said.

The DA said efforts will continue to make people aware of how prevalent the problem is, and of how they can help.

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