The Woodlands Recognized as “Best Places to Live”

THE WOODLANDS, TX (KTRK) — A local community is getting national recognition for being one of the “Best” places to raise a family in the U.S.

According to review company,, The Woodlands is the number two best place to raise a family nationwide.

The Woodlands beat out some 15,000 other cities evaluated on several factors including school performance, cost of living, crime and safety, amenities and more.

The city taking the top spot is Chicago suburb, Naperville.

And at number 3, also in Texas, is Plano, just outside of Dallas.

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  1. WoodlandsRoo

    I can vouch for The Woodlands being a great place to live. My children enjoy their schools and have access to so many wonderful activities. We have great neighbors and are close to getting out to the country when needed, which is great for this small town country guy. Love having Conroe nearby as most of them are great extended neighbors as well, minus the few commenters here. And not sure what a “libtard” is but I don’t know of any where I live. In fact, my neighborhood erupted in joy when Trump won the presidency. Cool rating for a great community.

  2. fmrlasodepsheriff

    justlocal. I don’t recall calling you names. Are you so offended by the truth, you lash out at those you disagree with. Are you having a bad day ? The Oxford English Dictionary ( required study material when I received my Masters degree from UT in 2012 )has recognized ” Libtard ” since 1996. Please seek some help, prior to going on line a making a further fool of yourself. Oh by the way, you spelled “work” wrong on your cardboard sign last week. Best of luck…

  3. justalocal

    Put down the bottle!
    If people in the Woodlands are “Libtards” which isn’t a real word and completely ignorant, then that would make you a “Retard”. That is a word and fitting with your drunk response.–who is that anyway? The Woodlands USED TO BE a good place to live until overdevelopment ruined it forever. Traffic is always a nightmare.

  4. jan78

    I agree! I have lived in Conroe way before the Woodlands came along and started draining Conroe for all they could!! They need to be their own city and run off their own tax revenue!!

  5. fmrlasodepsheriff

    C’mon Scott. will say or do anything for a price. If Conroe had upped their price by 75 cents, they would of won. The Woodlands is a retreat for the stupid s**t coming out of California. The Woodlands ( Conroe south ) was a Landfill before those 3 idiots bought it to over develop it, and sell it to cash rich and brain poor libtards…

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